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Tigers Will Pay Scherzer $15525M Following Cy Young - RealGM

The Detroit Tigers have avoided arbitration with Max Scherzer by agreeing to
a one-year Wholesale Jerseys
 , $15.525 million contract.

Scherzer, who won the American League Cy Young award, earns a $8.8 million

The right-hander will be a free agent after the 2013 season.

锘? Q: My doctor has told me that the pain in my shoulder is due to arthritis.
Is there anything that can be done about it?

A: Has throwing the ball
with the kids become a big pain in the shoulder? As we get older our joints may
deteriorate, with loss of the smooth cartilage coating of the bones in the
shoulder joint, a process known as arthritis. It can be caused by a variety of
factors, but the most common process in the shoulder is degenerative joint
disease (DJD). The shoulder is made up of two distinct joints, the large ball
and socket Gleno Humeral Joint (GH), where the arm meets socket of the shoulder
blade, and the much smaller Acromio Clavicular (AC) Joint, where the top part of
the shoulder blade (the acromion) meets the collar bone (clavicle). Either or
both joints can become damaged and painful Wholesale
 , and X rays will be used to detect whether arthritis is

Once the diagnosis is made, treatment generally starts with oral
medications to reduce the pain and inflammation within the joints. This
generally starts with medicines like Tylenol or anti inflammatories known as
NSAIDs, either over the counter or by prescription. Sometimes it is necessary to
use a short course of stronger anti inflammatory medicines known as steroids,
such as prednisone, usually given in a precise regimen that is tapered quickly.
Some patients will benefit from Physical Therapy treatments, which can help by
improving the range of motion and strength in the shoulder.

If this
approach is not successful, a patient may need to have a steroid injection in
the shoulder, which can be effective by placing the anti inflammatory material
directly into the painful area. The effect may not last long, but the injection
can help to confirm that the arthritic area is actually causing the shoulder
pain. On the other hand, some shots will lead to long term pain relief. We have
some patients who come to the office every six months for a steroid shot and
function well between visits.

If this approach is not working Wholesale Jerseys Free
 , surgery may be needed. An MRI is often obtained to rule
out other shoulder damage, such as tendonitis or a rotator cuff tear, and it is
also useful to gauge the full extent of the arthritis.

If the upper (AC)
joint is the primary source of pain, and conservative measures have failed,
relatively simple surgery can usually solve the problem. The AC joint pain seems
to come from the deformed ends of the bones which rub together once the
cartilage coating has worn away. We can remove the ends of the bones and the
scar that fills the space will gradually become comfortable. At first, this was
done as an open procedure, but now it is done routinely through small stab
wounds using a fiber optic tool known as an arthroscope.

When the ball
and socket shoulder joint (GH) is arthritic and requires surgery, things get
more complicated. As an open procedure, requiring an incision that is about six
inches long, the damaged joint surfaces can be replaced by an artificial joint
made of plastic and metal. This procedure has evolved over the years and is now
very reliable. The recovery period will last six to twelve months and will
require Physical Therapy. When a patient has fully recovered Wholesale NFL Jerseys
 , the shoulder strength and function should be reasonably
good, but patients almost always report that their pain is gone. In fact, some
of our happiest patients are those who put up with severe shoulder arthritis for
years and after getting a Total Shoulder Replacement could finally get a good
nights sleep.

We have a dilemma when a patient has severe ball and socket
shoulder arthritis along with a large rotator cuff tear. The soft tissue
envelope of tendons around the shoulder is known as the Rotator Cuff, and if it
is massively torn and unrepairable, a conventional shoulder replacement may not
work well, because the shoulder will be weak and unstable and the components
will tend to become loose and painful. Fortunately, an ingenious solution has
been developed to deal with this situation. A Reverse Total Shoulder
Arthroplasty is a plastic and metal device which replaces the socket with a ball
and replaces the ball with a socket, allowing most patients to regain overhead
motion without an intact rotator cuff. The surgery is somewhat more complicated
and there are more potential complications, but for certain patients, it is just
what the doctor ordered.

What to do: If you have shoulder pain that lasts
more than a few weeks Wholesale Nike NFL
 , try gentle stretching and over the counter medicines such
as Tylenol or NSAIDs. If you cannot get relief, make plans to see your doctor.
These days, most shoulder pain can be resolved. With any luck you will be able
to get back to throwing in the backyard in time for spring training.

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Dr. Martin R. Coleman is a physician with OSC-Ortho, a leading provider of
Newport News Orthopedics, Newport News Shoulder Replacement Surgery, and Newport
News Physical Therapy. OSC-Ortho can be found online at: http:OSC-Ortho

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Terry Collins Wants Mets To Show People We Mean Business - RealGM Wiretap

Terry Collins said that Wednesday's game was a must-win for the New York Mets
just five months after they appeared in the World Series and a little more than
a week into the season.

"The perception is there's no energy here, which is completely not true,"
Collins said after New York defeated Miami 2-1 to improve to 3-5 on the season.
"That we're not prepared. That we're overconfident or we're not taking
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