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Laser pointer machine products on the market a wide range of products, machine imports machinery, domestic mechanical design and production, import parts in the domestic assembly of the machine, professional engraving machine, professional marking machine, professional cutting machine laser pointer.

Laser pointer machine can be divided red,blue,green,purple laser pointer, the former is mainly used for metal products, the latter is mainly non-metallic, the current market, most of the laser pointer equipment.

Laser pointer equipment in different ways can also be divided into carving, cutting and marking three, basically some special machines, some are a variety of functions, should be based on the main needs of choice.

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According to the carving material and the different contents should choose the appropriate laser pointer tube power, such as acrylic and two-color plate engraving do not need too much power of the green laser pointer tube, but for example, wood carving, stone carving and any material cutting may require a larger power red laser tube, Can receive a multiplier effect.

Laser pointer technology is one of the four major scientific and technological inventions of the twentieth century with atomic energy, semiconductors and computers. Laser pointer has a good monochrome, coherence, directionality. Can be very small in the area to accumulate a high energy density, especially for material processing, the use of high-energy density of the 500mW laser pointer parts of the workpiece, so that the surface material vaporization, melting or color changes in the chemical reaction, in order to achieve marking, Cutting or welding of a method.

In a very short period of time to produce more products faster to create higher profits, so the speed of the speed is often able to receive orders and whether to make money the key, the United States Postscript 1600mW laser pointer equipment accelerated to 304.8 cm / s, the lowest There are 203.2 cm / s, the speed is only 106 cm / s than the average market is indeed a different world.

Laser pointer and traditional engraving equipment and hand carving the biggest difference is the high precision, the world only the United States Epilog laser equipment to 1200 dpi, other imported brands and some domestic products can reach 1000 dpi, some domestic equipment is still very low accuracy.

The whole process of purple laser pointer myopia is completely controlled by the computer system. In the operation, the doctor according to the patient's situation set individualized data, the device can be carried out according to the data requirements of surgery, high-frequency femtosecond laser can accurately open the corneal molecular chain, less damage; its controlled microlens separation, more accurate, Patient postoperative visual quality is better.
Full femtosecond, no flap, more accurate: whether it is a traditional excimer, blue laser surgery or red later half-femtosecond surgery, need to make corneal flap - open corneal flap - complete excimer laser pen cutting. And all the femtosecond laser myopia surgery without the need to make and open the corneal flap, only about 2mm from the incision to take out the femtosecond 303 laser pointer production of the corneal microlenses, minimally invasive surgery, postoperative trauma, put an end to the corneal flap risk.

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