Which parts are naturally exposed to possible damage for a longer time

Home ownership is the dream of millions of people. If you have felt as though
home ownership is out of reach, you may want to look at the option that is Prefab House Kits. Years ago, there
became a bit of a stigma about a home if it was not "stick built"; but
prefabricated homes are so much more than you may initially think.

1. The fact that a modern prefab house takes a much shorter time to build is
a great reason for this. You can expect your house to be ready within two months
of your placing your order as each room is built in a factory. It just has to be
built and transported to your site to be put together. On the contrary, a
traditional house takes a few months to a year to be built.

2. They offer better insulation as they are built in a factory. Site-built
walls are thicker than prefab houses; however, they tend to sag with time.

3. As these houses are built in factories, they offer better protection from
bugs. However as traditional houses take some time to build, its timber and
other parts are naturally exposed to possible damage for a longer time.

4. The superior insulation of these house helps you save lots of electricity
money and lumber. Construction and design costs are also reduced a lot when
compared to that of a traditional house.

5. As modern prefabricated houses are made from renewable and recycled
materials, are non-polluting and tend to consume less energy, they are more
environment friendly than traditional homes. In fact, there are also many green
home building websites offering environment-friendly and aesthetically designed
prefab houses along with indoor and outdoor furniture, house accessories, etc as
an increasing number of people are now conscious about the environment. Prefab
House Kits - http://www.dreamhouseowner.com/

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