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ed to his maturity Frostee
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, in terms of being able to walk in the door and have
success at our level so early.”

Kaplan identify team holes and fill it with best prospect available

So there’s our offseason lesson of the week, with the draft a week away:
Talk of intangibles may sound corny, but a guy’s makeup matters and
even more with the quarterbacks than anyone else
. Which is to say,
when people say Deshaun Watson is off the charts in that area, you should
listen; and when Davis Webb and Pat Mahomes are positioned as gym rats, pay

Jones acknowledged the challenge. “Most quarterbacks have that,” he said.
”Most quarterbacks, you’re gonna hear, they’re the leader of the
team Jared
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, they’re the face of the program.
When most
of them have that, well, then what’s the difference between top five guys who
all have that mark? Is one better than the other? How would you rank them in
terms of that rare leadership skill, that rare football character?”

It’s not easily quantifiable, but as Jones explains it now with the benefit
of hindsight, the Cowboys did see it in Prescott. Thing is, Jones thinks if
they’d dug deeper into it, it’d have been even more obvious. And if they’d
valued those traits more, Dallas probably would’ve taken Prescott earlier.

“I think he’s rare compared to the guys who went in front of him Tyvon
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,” Jones continued. “I don’t want to single guys out,
that’s not fair, but he had football character, he had leadership skills, he had
work ethic that was rare compared to most of the guys in front of him, if not
all the guys picked in front of him. We need to pay more attention than we have
in the past.

“That may be a trait that’s a differentiator even though most quarterbacks
have it that are at least good. Is there a difference between good, great and

It’s something the Cowboys plan to apply to their process in looking at all
positions now, at least as a tiebreaker, and potentially more in certain cases.
And it may be important too J. J. Nelson
, given the amount of turnover that Dallas will undergo on

The thought here is that if the team can ID traits that helped Prescott
assimilate quickly and excel early in defensive guys next week, the holes on
that side of the ball will get filled more seamlessly.

As for where Prescott is, Jones is cautiously optimistic that, while the team
learned a lot about scouting quarterbacks through this process, they won’t need
a new starter for a long time to come.

“It’s probably a little bit early to call him a franchise quarterback, he has
one year under his belt and this year coming up is crucial and critical in terms
of how he responds,” Jones said. “Obviously, there’ll be a lot of time for a lot
of people to watch tape on him and us in terms of how they defend us next year.
He’ll be doing that work, too.

“My bet is Dak understands that A.Q.
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, and knows that he’s got a lot of work in front of
him, and he’s not going to catch anyone by surprise this year. He’s going to
have to have that work ethic, that football character come out in spades for
him, and he’ll have to work harder than he’s ever worked. That’ll be up to

If the Cowboys’ work on this over the past months is correct, there’s not
much to worry about there.

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