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Whilstthe injury list thus far at the US Open is not nearly as long as
thatexperienced in Wimbledon there have still been some casualties from
commoninjuries sustained on the tennis court. The Wimbledon semi-finalist
succumbedto a back injury and was knocked out in the first round of the

Tennisinjuries can strike both professionals and amateurs alike Colts
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, with common injuriesincluding muscle
complaints and joint issues as a result of either overuse orover stretching.
Sports braces are often seen being donned by tennis stars withthe likes of Andy
Murray sporting ankle supports and now Jerzy Janowicrequiring the use of back
braces following his injury at the US Open.

Back injuries and theuse of back braces

Backinjuries can be common among sports stars where either a great deal of
turningis required of them or as a result of heavy lifting. From a tennis
perspectivethe requirement of the player to pivot the body and constantly
stretching forshots can put a strain on the lower back.

Therecan be different severities of back injuries, from a simple muscle
strain tosomething requiring extended periods of rest and physiotherapy to get
back tofull fitness.

Inthe event of injury back braces are typically employed as a means of
protectingthe area during movement. Back braces are designed to manage lower
backinjuries by offering additional protection to the patient. Compression is
usedas a means of managing inflammation and pain, allowing the patient to
continuestaying active during rehabilitation.

Dependingon the severity of the back injury sustained Colts
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, it may be advisable to avoid highintensity
sports such as tennis until you are full fit. Back braces are merelya device to
be used during recovery offering extra support when walking,getting up from a
chair or carrying out simple tasks like shopping.

Ankle injuries andthe use of ankle supports

Ankleinjuries are another common form of injuries sustained by tennis
players.Sprained ankles are probably one of the more common forms of ankle
injury onthe tennis court, with players rolling their ankle from either turning
tooquickly or slipping on the court. Both amateurs and professionals alike
nowturn to sports braces as a means of protecting their joints or following
aninjury to help with recovery Colts
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, with ankle supports widely available to
managedifferent types of ankle conditions.

Wimbledonsaw a number of ankle injuries from players as a result of slipping
on thecourt. The rolling of the ankle can cause anything from a sprain to
ligamentdamage, with recovery times from a few days to a few months. Ankle
ligamentdamage can even lead to surgery to rectify the issue and a lengthy spell
on thesidelines with physiotherapy and even the use of ankle supports.

Anklesupports can be worn both as a preventative measure or post injury as a
meansof protecting the joint further. There are different types of ankle
supportsavailable depending on what type of injury you are looking to manage and
thelevel of activity you still wish to undertake.

Ifyou have suffered a serious sprain or recovering following surgery
thenrestricting movement can be very important, with stirrup ankle supports
beingoffered which are rigid by design to offer maximum protection to the joint.
Therigid ankle supports are designed to minimise unnecessary or
ambiguousmovements of the joint during the recovery period.

Forminor sprains where the patient still wishes to remain mobile then
materialbased ankle supports should be used. This type of ankle supports
offercompression as a means of managing inflammation and pain whilst not
restrictingmovement. Protection of the joint is essential following a sprain as
the anklecould be more susceptible to further injury from rolling Colts
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, therefore anklesupports give the patient the
confidence to continue as normal.

Themost important thing to remember following an injury is to rest in order
to avoiddoing any further damage. Rest is important following any injury and
using icecan help to manage any inflammation and soothe any pain felt. The use
of backbraces and ankle supports can offer the patient confidence to stay
activewhilst helping to manage their injury. If yimageou have any questions regarding
yourinjury or the type of ankle supports which may be required then you
shouldalways seek clinical advice.

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