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Note: While many NBA fans have said if LeBron James‘ supporting cast did
more Mike
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 , the Cavs would be more competitive. BJ
Armstrong, a former member of Jordan’s supporting cast, shares his perspective.
Armstrong says everything new is old, everything LeBron is Jordan. His take on
James and the Cavaliers:

The NBA Finals are giving me a feeling of deja vu. Everyone keeps saying all
LeBron James needs is help. Maybe true but, with the greatest respect, he also
needs to help himself.

In 1989-90 I became one of the group known as the Jordanaires Tyler
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 , a/k/a the Bulls. From the day I arrived in Chicago,
I knew what everyone else on the team did: Michael Jordan was a phenomenal
talent. Yet, as the team deferred to MJ’s talent, we could not get past the
hurdle of defeating the ”Bad Boys” Pistons in the conference finals. Seeing the
Cavs in these Finals, I’m seeing the way we were playing then. It’s textbook
isolation basketball. Back in the last century, MJ would get the ball and the
rest of us on the team would all stand around while he scored. It was a sight to
see Cody
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 , but it wasn’t team basketball. What it was was
all of us enabling MJ to showcase his best individual talent.

At some point, MJ realized that, as great as he was, he alone could not beat
the Pistons. That’s what the Jordan Rules were all about – employing a defensive
scheme with the sole purpose of limiting hero basketball. Similarly, LeBron has
to commit to the team’s system of play. So far, he’s been incredible Cheap
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 , but he’s not been a willing participant in
the team. This is where trust comes in. He has to trust the system.

It reminds me of when everyone was telling Jordan he didn’t have enough to
win. His teammates just weren’t good enough – me being one of them. What was
really missing was the trust to win. Once MJ found that trust, we beat the
Pistons and went on to win the NBA championship many times over. In doing so, MJ
discovered that his teammates WERE good enough, because he was part of the

Greatness is empowered in a system where you pass the ball, not pound it.
Everyone has to be committed to this system. The best player on the team has to
realize that he needs the team in order to win – and I don’t mean passing the
ball when he gets double-teamed. He, and everyone else Roberto
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 , has to buy into the system. MJ passed me the ball
not because he was being double-teamed, but because he trusted we were playing
together as a group. Michael’s greatness was, in part, knowing how to move the
pieces on the board in the triangle offense system of play. Isolation basketball
will always be part of the game. But the system has to be predicated on ball
movement and, more importantly, player movement.

LeBron James has proven he can lead by example. My wish for LeBron is to
understand the following: He’s an exceptional leader because he leads by
example. The next step on the road to Legend Authentic
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 , which he’s already on,image is to trust he’s the
best player in the best system anywhere in basketball. Then his coach, the
system and his teammates – the TEAM – will be good enough to win.


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