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Donald Crisman has more than a half-century of Super Bowl
memories behind him Eddie
Vanderdoes Jersey
, from taking a 24-hour train ride to Super Bowl
II to seeing his beloved New England Patriots win in overtime last year.

But he says the 52nd Super Bowl featuring the Philadelphia Eagles and the
Patriots on Sunday just might be his final big game.

The 81-year-old resident of Kennebunk, Maine, is a member of the
ever-shrinking ”Never Miss a Super Bowl Club” that’s attended every season
finale since its inception in 1967. He has bought his own ticket every year
except one.

Crisman was featured in a 2010 Visa commercial along with three friends who
had attended every Super Bowl. He is attending this game with a heavy heart
because friend Larry Jacobson of San Francisco died last fall. Crisman said
attending the game without Larry would be different, and he might not have gone
if the Patriots weren’t in it.

He shared some of his favorite memories with The Associated Press.


Crisman prefers the warmer venues for the Super Bowl. But he has fond
memories of the last Super Bowl in Minneapolis – in 1992 at the now-gone

He has a hat from the game bearing the Super Bowl XXVI logo that was signed
by Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs, quarterback Mark Rypien and wide
receiver Gary Clark. He is bringing it with him to this year’s game at U.S. Bank
Stadium, built on the site of the old Metrodome, to ”show and tell it.”


Crisman’s trip to the second Super Bowl in 1968 was an odyssey. He had made
arrangements to take a private plane to the game in Miami but an ice storm made
it impossible to fly.

Crisman was undaunted and managed to find a train that took 24 hours to get
to Miami. ”I can’t believe how many times that train stopped,” he said. ”It was
agonizing, to say the least.”


The Miami area Martavis
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, which will set a record by hosting its 11th Super
Bowl in 2020, is Crisman’s favorite place to see the game. He’s also a fan of
San Diego, which has hosted three times.

Crisman is ”not a fan of these winter bowls,” occasionally held at indoor
stadiums in Indianapolis, Detroit and Minneapolis. But when asked about his
worst experience at a Super Bowl venue, he cannot think of one.


The Rhode Island native has been a Patriots fan since the team’s inception in
1960, so his favorite Super Bowl play of all time is fittingly James White’s
overtime, game-winning touchdown last year. Previously, he was the subject of
endless teasing because his favorite plays were a pair of field goals.

Specifically Ryan Quigley
, field goals that won Super Bowls for the Patriots in 2002
and 2004.

”I’ve been laughed at and kind of ridiculed. `You can’t have a field goal be
your favorite play,”’ he said. ”Well, I do.”


Crisman’s crew at the Super Bowl included Jacobson and Pittsburgh Steelers
fan Tom Henschel and Green Bay Packers fan Bob Cook, who also had attended every
game. But the group has dwindled to just him and Henschel after the death of
Jacobson last year and Cook, who died in 2011. He’s welcoming Jacobson’s
daughter Heather on Sunday and expects to shed a few tears when she sits in what
would have been her dad’s seat.

His son, Don Jr., called his dad ”the most consistent force in football.” He
said it will be different when his father no longer goes to the big game. After
51 Super Bowls and counting, the elder Crisman said that day might be coming

”I’m thinking about it,” he said. ”But this year Davon House
, I’m taking the Patriots.”

The ex-girlfriend of San
Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster has submitted a video to prosecutors to
support her statement that she lied when she told authorities Foster had hit

But Santa Clara County prosecutor Jim Dermertzis said Monday that the
district attorney's office will continue to prosecute a domestic violence case
against Foster even if his ex-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis, does not cooperate with
the investigation.

"Sadly, too often victims of domestic violence, for a host of reasons, choose
not to cooperate with the process that holds their abusers accountable,"
Dermertzis said.

But "If the evidence independent of the victim in a domestic violence case is
compelling, it's the prosecution's duty to seek justice," he added.

Foster was present at Monday's hearing where the video was discussed but did
not speak in court. He left without commenting to the media.

Prosecutors say Foster attacked his girlfriend in February at their Los Gatos
home Allen Bailey
, leaving her bruised and with an injured eardrum. The
28-year-old woman told responding officers that Foster dragged her by her hair,
physically threw her out of the house, and punched her in the head eight to 10

Dermertzis refused to discuss the content of the video but Ennis has said
through her attorney that she had footage that shows Foster did not cause the
injuries that led to the domestic violence charges against him.

Ennis' attorney, Stephanie Rickard, last week issued a statement on Ennis'
behalf saying her injuries were the result of a fight with another woman, and
that Foster tried to end his relationship with Ennis after he learned of the
fight. A video of that fight with another woman has been made available.

"She was extremely upset and told him if he broke up with her she would
'trash his career,'" Rickard said.

Prosecutors made a motion Monday to push back a scheduled plea hearing to May
8 to give them time to review the new evidence.

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