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Le'Veon Bell hasn’t been doing any football work with the Steelers this
offseason and it hasn’t been on his own individual workout schedule at this

Bell has been doing other training Sam Mills
, including boxing, as he tries to do cardio and “stay off
my joints in the offseason as much as possible.” Less stress on the joints is
part of Bell’s approach to remain healthy enough to play football as long as
possible, something that also extends to his approach to the field.

Bell notes that LeBron James has remained highly effective into his 30s and
believes “your body won’t fail you” as long as you take the proper care of it.
That includes working out and training as well as a mental approach to the game
that leads Bell to avoiding the kinds of hits that wear down other running

“I don’t really compare myself to a lot of other running backs — that’s no
offense to any other running back Nick Perry
, but just the fact that I can see and avoid hits,” Bell
said, via Jeremy Fowler of “It’s not like when I get the ball 30 times
or 35 times and I’m really taking 30 car crashes. Either I’m delivering the blow
or I’m getting to the ground. I’m sore after games Tre'Quan
Smith Jersey
, but it’s not like I’m aching. I don’t have to miss
practices. I can go full speed and be good.”

Staying away from offseason work the last two years is another way to avoid
stress on the joints and Bell has availed himself of it as the franchise tag
game plays itself out in Pittsburgh. The absence didn’t stop Bell from turning
in an effective season or do anything to lessen his confidence that he’ll keep
producing at the same level for many years to come.

If you’ve made a list of the top wide receivers in the NFL and listed someone
other than DeAndre Hopkins at the top, the Texans star has a bone to pick with

Hopkins feels like he isn’t getting his due when it comes to the way he’s
viewed in relation to his peers.

“I definitely feel like I’m underrated. I think I’m the best receiver in the
NFL,” Hopkins said Chase Allen
, via “Having guys ranked in front of me that I
know that I’m better than, that’s always going to drive me.”

We’re not sure that there are too many people sleeping on Hopkins after 413
catches for 5,865 yards and 36 touchdowns over the last five years Cameron
Erving Jersey
, but he’s not the first elite athlete to find a chip
on his shoulder where others would miss it. The fact that Hopkins has put up
most of those numbers with an underwhelming cast of quarterbacks makes them even
more impressive and makes the prospect of a full year with Deshaun Watson an
exciting one for the 2018 season.

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