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Known as Weapon X when he was a dominant safety Cameron
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, Brian Dawkins recognizes it could have been
Weapon P, as in Philadelphia.

Dawkins, who enters the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday night, spent 13
seasons as the leader of the Eagles defense, the emotional center of a team that
made four straight NFC championship games and one Super Bowl. The connection
with Philly will never fade for a guy who grew up in Florida and attended

"They loved me and they will be here to be inducted together with me,"
Dawkins said Friday about Eagles fans and the city he grew to love. "I made it
and now they have made it and will experience the Hall of Fame. Enjoy it.

"I played with emotion and passion. The other thing is they recognized I
don't make mistakes. You can boo me for one thing I did wrong, but you won't
ever boo me again because I would not make it again.

"I gave 100 percent of my 100 percent every game. I didn't back down from
anyone or anything in a football game. I was a worker who didn't make excuses,
and that's Philly."

Dawkins, who closed out his career with three seasons in Denver, where he
also was supremely popular, made five All-Pro teams and was voted the Eagles'
defensive MVP five times. He said making the hall never was on his mind until
very late in his career.

"I was thinking it would be cool and wonderful if that happened Clinton
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," he noted, "but I didn't understand at that point
it could be possible."

Hey Brian, it's possible and true.


Randy Moss is 41, the same age his quarterback during Moss' greatest season,
Tom Brady, reached Friday. Brady shows no signs of slowing down, and Moss
believes he could still be effective at wide receiver at his advanced (for
football) age.

"My last year (2012 with San Francisco), I didn't really get the chance to
show I could still play," Moss said. "At 41 now, I still could play and believe
I could score 10 touchdowns. The game itself came easy and I really feel that I
could bring that much to the game."

In his final season, Moss had only 28 receptions and three scores. During his
heyday with Minnesota and then New England Josh Bellamy
, he was the most dangerous deep threat in the sport. In
2007, when New England went unbeaten before losing the Super Bowl to the Giants,
he had a stunning 23 touchdowns on 98 receptions, gaining 1,493 yards. He was
targeted 160 times by Brady that year.

"It was a great ride," Moss said.


The South JeffCo Mustangs from Littleton, Colorado are the winners of the
Chuck Noll Hall of Fame Game for Life Award.

The group will be presented with a $10,000 check from The DICK'S Sporting
Goods Foundation.

The award, established last summer, recognizes 50 youth football leagues
around the country for their commitment to coaching education; best practices in
player safety; teaching lessons about how to win rather than emphasizing
winning; and nurturing a culture that celebrates preparation,
discipline Preston
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, accountability and respect through the fun and
fitness of football and how it applies to success beyond the field.

Former NFL player Merril Hoge created the award to celebrate the legacy of
Noll, the Pro Football Hall of Fame coach who transformed the Pittsburgh
Steelers from a downtrodden franchise to one of the most dominant teams in NFL


If there have been two more passionate defensive players in recent NFL annals
than Ray Lewis and Brian Dawkins, they're hard to identify.

They never were teammates on the Ravens, the only team Lewis played for, but
enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame together in the class of 2018. What if they
had been on the field together?

"With all the energy he exudes and all I exude," Dawkins said, "it would've
been tough on the other guys (to match). I would've loved to have played with
him, but man."

Lewis, who has campaigned for Ed Reed to make the hall when the former Ravens
star safety becomes eligible, also has the utmost regard for Dawkins.

"I knew he had a similar chip on his shoulder and that's why I love BDawk,"
Lewis said. "He's one of the guys I'd love to have played with. I can't imagine
a football field with me and BDawk on the field together.

"It's an honor to go into the Hall of Fame with a guy like Brian


Brian Urlacher says there's no threat of crying when he practices his Pro
Football Hall of Fame induction speech. As for when he delivers it ...

"When I go over it Eric Ebron
, I am OK," Urlacher explained. "But all the guys are
telling me I am going to cry during the speech."

Lots of inductees do, even the toughest of former players. So Urlacher would
join a long list of weepers.

Some have joked about an over/under number for how many times Ray Lewis
breaks down.

As for Brian Dawkins, he guarantees he'll cry.

"Tear up? No question. The people I will talk about meant so much to me," he
said Friday at a news conference. "I'm about to cry now."

The Panthers enter
the final day of the NFL draft Saturday with six picks thanks to a trade by
general manager Marty Hurney.

Carolina traded one of its two third-round picks to the Green Bay on Friday
night and picked up the first pick of the fourth round (101st overall) and a
fifth-round selection. The Panthers have one pick in the fourth round, two in
the fifth, one in the sixth and two in the seventh.

Hurney said having the first pick of the third day of the draft is a
"valuable spot" to be as they have all night to think about the pick.

Carolina still has holes to fill at defensive end and guard, and it's
possible they could try to land a backup quarterback for Cam

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