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Seahawks safety Earl Thomas is not happy with his contract Terrance
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, and there has been talk all offseason that he
could get dealt to the Cowboys. That talk is not going away.

The latest comments come from Bryan Broaddus, a writer for the Cowboys’
website, who said on 105.3 The Fan that there’s still a possibility Thomas could
end up in Dallas.

“The Cowboys have to look at their situation at safety and figure out is this
going to be good enough? Are we able to compete for a division? To get in the
playoffs? Could Earl Thomas be a guy Johnny
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, could he be a difference maker?,” Broaddus said,
via the Dallas Morning News. “I feel like that the Earl Thomas
situation still is in play. It’s just a matter of where Seattle is going to be.
I don’t believe Earl Thomas is going to sit out games for Seattle. I
really Trent
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, really don’t. You’re talking about a guy that
makes over $10 million. Players just don’t leave those checks on the field just
for principal, for that reason. I think that Seattle is going to have to figure
out something. The Cowboys are going to have to figure out something. And maybe
they do work something out there.”

Reports came out during the draft that the Cowboys and Seahawks discussed a
trade, but that the Cowboys wouldn’t give up the second-round pick the Seahawks
were seeking. That still sounds like too steep a price ,
but perhaps something could be worked out to get Thomas in Dallas.

5-year-old English bulldog that belonged to New England Patriots linebacker
Jerod Mayo and has been missing since June has been found dead inside the home
of its trainer.

The Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says the
dog named Knox died in the custody of a trainer. In an Instagram post on Monday,
Mayo writes that trainers hid the dog in a trash bag for two months while making
it look like he ran away, was stolen or drowned Jonathan
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, sending the family "on a wild goose hunt and our
kids on an emotional roller coaster."

The animal welfare group says the trainer is being charged by the Cranston
Police Department with one count of obstruction and could faces charges of
animal cruelty.

Police asked for the public's help after Knox disappeared in June while going
on a walk with a trainer.

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