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The San Francisco 49ers have claimed cornerback C.J. Goodwin
off waivers from the New York Giants and waived receiver DeAndre Carter.

The 49ers also signed undrafted rookie free agent defensive lineman Blaine
Woodson to a three-year deal Tuesday after he took part in this month’s rookie
minicamp on a tryout basis.

Goodwin originally signed with Pittsburgh as an undrafted rookie free agent
in 2014 and spent most of his first two seasons on the practice squad.

He played 26 games over two seasons with Atlanta with 12 tackles and two
passes defensed. He also played two games late last season with Arizona and was
claimed off waivers by the Giants on May 1.

Woodson had 21 1/2 tackles for loss in five seasons at Delaware.

Carter spent last season on San Francisco’s practice squad.

In a December game in Seattle against the Seahawks late in the 2015
season Womens
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, then St. Louis Rams punter Johnny Hekker
decided it would be a good idea to hit Seattle defensive end Cliff Avril from
the backside after punting the ball downfield.

Hekker came to immediately regret his decision as he cowered to the turf when
Avril and Michael Bennett came after him on a later punt in the game.

Three years removed from the play, Hekker and Avril have buried the hatchet
over the play and discussed the situation on Avril’s radio show on Sports Radio
950 KJR on Tuesday.

“Oh man, the Chappelle Show had a segment ‘Keeping it real gone wrong.’ That
was 100 percent the situation,” Hekker said.

Because of the amount of trick plays on punts the Rams under Jeff Fisher had
run against Seattle Gabriel
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, the Seahawks elected to play a punt-safe
return with most of their usual defensive players on the field. That’s why Avril
and Bennett were on the field for a play they otherwise wouldn’t take part in.
After the punt, Hekker trailed Avril from behind and dropped him to the turf
with a shoulder while Avril wasn’t looking. The play drew a 15-yard penalty.

“It was a perfect hit,” Avril said. “I fall to the ground and I’m like
‘there’s no way it’s the punter’ but that’s the only person behind me because it
was a safe punt. So I’m just trotting, next thing I know I just bust my behind.
I look up and it’s ‘oh Artemi
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, I’ve got something for you the next go around.

“Then the ref actually comes to our sideline and is like ‘hey, we talked to
him’ or whatever and I’m like ‘ok, I’ve still got something for him next time
they call safe punt again. So I had to jump at you. And then Mike (Bennett)
finds out about it on the sideline and he’s like ‘what? what happened? the
punter did it?’ So Mike was really going out for blood.”

Hekker, who grew up in the Seattle suburb of Bothell Nathan
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, said he immediately had friends and family
asking him what he was thinking.

“They’re all Seahawks fans,” he said.

Hekker reached out to apologize to Avril after the incident and donated money
to his foundation as a gesture of good will, which Avril said ended any animus
over the situation right away.

The two then ran into each other in person for the first time at the 2016 Pro

“Well it was a deal where him, Richard Sherman and Mike (Bennett) were all
standing by the elevator Tyler
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,” Hekker said. “And I kind of like puppy dog walk
over like ‘hey guys…’ and I heard Mike just busting up laughing about it.”

“It’s all good,” said Avril. “It’s all squashed. It’s fun. Obviously he’s
here, so we’re good to go.”

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