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Even as the Philadelphia 76ers exceeded expectations this season Victor
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, those who have indeed trusted the process still could
not have imagined the team’s quick ascension to the NBA’s elite.

Joel Embiid, for one, isn’t about to pump the brakes on what has been a
whirlwind ride that has the 76ers heading into their Game 5 home matchup on
Tuesday sporting a 3-1 lead over the visiting Miami Heat.

“A lot of people say we have a bright future,” said Embiid, whose 76ers host
the Heat at 8 p.m. Tuesday at Wells Fargo Center. “But I think our time is now.
We have a special team and I feel like now we have a pretty good chance to go

Speaking of the now: With their backs against the wall, the Heat are not
flailing their arms wildly, looking for any target.

They are pointedly focused on the present: Game 5 and the 76ers.

“It’s not necessarily us against the world,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said.
“It’s us against the Philadelphia 76ers. We have to find a way to finish games.
They’ve really nailed us in the fourth quarters of all four games, except the
one we were able to pull away. We just have to do better. Through three
quarters, we’ve been up. It’s going to require a full 48-minute game of our
absolute best effort.”

Miami has been outscored by Philadelphia by an astounding 42 points in just
the fourth quarters through four games. Even in the Heat’s 113-103 Game 2 win at
Philadelphia, the 76ers still outscored Miami 28-27 in the fourth quarter.

In a roundabout way, that Game 2 loss — which snapped Philadelphia’s 17-game
winning streak — actually gave 76ers coach Brett Brown some much-needed locker
room material heading into the game.

“Everybody’s trying to break somebody’s spirit,” Brown said Monday. “It’s
always the same thing. It happens on the other side of it. And I know
(Spoelstra), who is a great coach, would be in his locker room saying William
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, ‘All we got to do is win a game and come

“They’re going to live in a really isolated, sort of roomed-in world of,
‘Let’s just win a game. We won a game last time we were here, and just come home
and figure it out.’ You can see it.”

Knowing his team can close out a hungry opponent on Tuesday, Brown isn’t
changing his message too much.

“My intention is not to speak anything into existence,” Brown said. “It’s all
about trying help the team win. Like, we want to get better. We’re gonna. We’re
going to go into Tuesday night and we’re going to get better. I believe that if
we think like that, act like that, coach like that, then the habit becomes, I
hope, we’re going to win.”

J.J. Redick, no stranger to heated playoff series, echoed his coach’s
thoughts on Monday.

In Game 4, Redick led the 76ers with 24 points en route to a 106-102 win in a
game that Philadelphia trailed by four after three quarters.

“You’re feeling each other out and then later on in the series you have to
deliver a crushing blow Chris
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,” Redick said. “You have to finish that. A team
like Miami, their culture, their organization, their group of guys, they have
fighters. They have warriors on their team. Every game in this series has been
tough and there’s no indication that Game 5 will be different. It’s going to be
a tough game.”

BEREA, Ohio (AP) — Antonio Callaway didn’t take long to run into trouble with
the Browns.

The fourth-round draft pick and wide receiver from Florida, who arrived in
Cleveland with a history of issues while in college, was cited early Sunday
morning for marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license.

According to a report by police in Strongsville, Ohio, Callaway was pulled
over in his car after he failed to yield to on oncoming traffic. Police found a
“small amount” of marijuana and cited Callaway, who was stopped on a day off for
Cleveland’s players at training camp.

To make matters worse, Callaway didn’t inform the Browns of his legal

“I am surprised at this,” coach Hue Jackson said following Tuesday’s
practice. “He has been great. We have had no slipups, no issues. This is a young
player, who obviously made a bad decision or bad choice. I have to find out.
Believe me Youth
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, when we find out more of the facts, I will
tell you straight out, exactly what it is when I know.”

The Browns selected Callaway in this year’s draft despite his checkered past.
He was suspended last season for involvement in a credit card fraud case, and he
provided a diluted urine sample at the NFL combine in February.

That offense caused teams to stay away from him, not the Browns.

In April, general manager John Dorsey said the team had “done extensive
background” checks on Callaway. At the time, Dorsey, who joined the Browns in
December, felt assured that Jackson and receivers coach Adam Henry would be able
to mold him and keep him out of trouble.

“I’m still confident in that,” Jackson said. “I think what John said is
absolutely right and I support him 100 percent. We’ve been fortunate over the
last couple of years where we haven’t had things crop up.

“I truly believe in our process and how we go about it and how we talk about
things. So, again, this is something I’m glad is happening now so we can deal
with it and move forward. I think our locker room understands how we handle
business. This young man will definitely understand how we handle business,

Jackson said he wants to learn more about Callaway’s situation before
commenting on whether the team will discipline the 21-year-old. Jackson said he
has spoken to Callaway “quite a bit” about his behavior.

“This is surprising to me,” he said. “He is a young guy. Here is something
that had happened and we have to deal with it. To understand it first, before I
talk about consequences or anything Oliver
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, is important.”

Callaway was already in Stage 1 of the league’s abuse program because of his
diluted sample. He could be subject to a fine because of this infraction.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said, “The matter will be reviewed under the
NFL-NFLPA substances of abuse policy.”

Callaway’s off the field problems at Florida were extensive.

In 2017, he was cited for marijuana possession as a passenger in a car driven
by a known felon. Callaway pleaded no contest to possession of drug
paraphernalia and was fined.

A year earlier, he was accused of sexual assault, prompting the university to
suspend him while the incident was investigated. Callaway eventually was found
not responsible during a student code of conduct hearing, but he acknowledged
under oath he was high on marijuana at the time of the alleged assault.

Callaway’s driving infraction came hours before the Browns traded
disappointing wide receiver Corey Coleman to Buffalo. That move caused the team
to elevate Callaway, who has had an impressive training camp, into the starting
lineup before Thursday’s exhibition opener at the New York Giants.

The Browns released a statement saying they were aware of Callaway’s citation
and “are in the process of gathering more information and will comment further
at the appropriate time.”

And while they’re dealing with Callaway, the Browns are still waiting for
former All-Pro Josh Gordon, who is away from the team to deal with health
issues. Gordon has been suspended multiple times by the NFL for violations of
the league’s substance abuse policy.

Jackson said he still doesn’t know when Gordon will return.

“Josh is still doing what he needs to do,” Jackson said. “And again, he will
be back at some point in time.”

Because of Gordon’s situation and the lack of experienced receiving depth,
the Browns have also considered signing free agent receiver Dez Bryant, the
former Pro Bowler released earlier this year by Dallas.

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