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In a story March 5 about the Super Bowl DVD Jonathan
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, The Associated Press reported the site of NFL Films
as Mount Royal, New Jersey. The correct site is Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

A corrected version of the story is below:

PHI-NALLY: An Oscar winner in Philadelphia?

Putting together a documentary of a Super Bowl season is an extensive and
exhausting project


AP Sports Writer

Putting together a documentary of a Super Bowl season is an extensive and
exhausting project.

Except when it becomes a labor of love.

For dozens of employees at NFL Films, the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles season was
particularly special. Thus, the DVD that chronicles it and becomes available to
the public on Tuesday – PHI-NALLY is how it is dubbed – wasn’t exactly work.

”We are in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, which is about 20 minutes from the
Linc,” says Todd Schmidt, who produces such enterprises for NFL Films. ”So many
of our people are lifelong fans of the Eagles, who have suffered for all those
years. And that is something the becomes part of the film; we wanted people out
there to understand what some of these people went through during that crazy
game and this season.

”I would love for an Arizona Cardinals fan to get the same bang out of this
as my 22-year-old son and a lifelong Eagles fan will Joel
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, and I like to think that the story will do
that. This is more than a story of a football season. It’s about why teams and
fans don’t quit, and that’s what Philly fans are like. They may get a lot of
criticism, but there’s a reason Rocky means so much and showing the heart to
never give up means so much.”

NFL Films had the good fortune of being able to place microphones on coach
Doug Pederson and quarterback Nick Foles. The exchanges between them not only
are insightful football-wise, they provide a window into the aggressiveness that
was so critical to not only upending the Patriots in a classic Super Bowl, but
in the Eagles putting together such a successful season.

Indeed, Philadelphia’s 41-33 victory in Minneapolis probably made for a much
more enchanting story than had the Patriots won. After all, New England taking
the NFL title is anything but new, and the Eagles last won it in 1960, when Norm
Van Brocklin was the quarterback and Chuck Bednarik was playing linebacker and

So Schmidt opted to open the documentary with a shot of Franklin Field on the
University of Pennsylvania campus – the site of that 1960 win over Green Bay.
And he decided to close the film with the parade witnessed by more than 700,000
”so you get a clear idea of what this meant to the city of
Philadelphia Jonathan
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, the people of Philadelphia, and to Eagles

NFL Films actually makes two 55-minute films annually. The 2017 version of
the Patriots’ season ”will not see the light of day,” Schmidt explains. But it
also would have had plenty of cachet.

”I think every team has a story,” he says, though how many viewers would be
interested in, say, the Browns‘ 0-16 campaign is debatable.

”Had the Patriots won, it would have been a film of dominance; if they had
won they would have been the `27 Yankees. It would have been magnificent if they
had pulled out that game, two of the most amazing Super Bowls back to back. Tom
Brady would go down as the greatest magician ever to walk the earth.

”We are storytellers and we would have made the elements we had work

Still, the elements they had on Philadelphia’s side certainly seem more
compelling. A team loses five key players Shayne
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, including late in the schedule the QB who
appeared headed to league MVP honors. It’s an underdog in all of its postseason
games despite being a top seed. Its history of falling short is monumental.

And then it wins a classic Super Bowl against an NFL dynasty.

”The Eagles story has a lot more historical context, which is red meat to a
storyteller,” Schmidt says. ”The more context and unique elements of the story,
the better the story. So I loved the Eagles story.”

As did so many of his co-workers.

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles was picked without being on
the field.

Bortles had his wallet stolen from his pickup truck Wednesday night in a
bizarre robbery at teammate Brandon Linder's home.

Joseph Arthur Horton, 18, was charged with auto theft, auto burglary and
trespassing, according to Duval County jail records.

Jaguars guard Chris Reed told police he was walking up Linder's driveway for
a gathering when he saw someone inside Bortles' truck, according to the arrest
report. Reed said he didn't think anything of it and went inside. Surveillance
video from Linder's home showed someone getting inside Bortles' truck and
removing the quarterback's wallet that was later found in the driveway. Bortles
told police nothing appeared to have been taken.

Surveillance video showed Horton sitting behind the wheel of the truck,
starting it and moving it back and forth. But since there were numerous cars in
the driveway Colton
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, the truck could not be driven away. Horton got out
and looked around before walking into the house.

A few minutes later, Linder asked him who he was, the report said. The man
answered "Joe" and walked upstairs. Due to the large number of people in the
house, Linder said he didn't think anything was suspicious. A short time later,
Linder found Horton upstairs, and when no one knew who he was, he called

Bortles, Linder and Reed stayed with Horton until officers arrived, the
report said.
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