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There was a time in the NFL when plenty of teams had plenty of problems when
it came to complying with the salary cap. Since the 2011 labor deal was
done Womens
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 , the number of teams in cap purgatory has
diminished dramatically.

This year, the Bills find themselves in a somewhat unique position. According
to the Buffalo News, the Bills have $53.9 million in cap space devoted
to players no longer on the team. That translates to 30.4 percent of the $177.2
million available per team.

The bulk of that comes from former Bills defensive tackle Marcel Dareus, who
still counts for $13.56 million in 2018.

But there’s no sense that this will be a season in salary-cap hell for the
Bills, for various reasons. Perhaps the biggest is the rookie wage scale, which
allowed the Bills to acquire a potential franchise quarterback without the kind
of cap-squeezing contract that top-10 picks used to carry with them.

Beyond the first round, the draft and the inexpensive players it brings
allows teams to build a nucleus of young, cheap talent, making it easy to field
a competitive team even if nearly a third of the available cap dollars apply to
former players. Which is why few teams now have to tiptoe through a salary-cap
minefield. And which is why plenty of them are spending under the cap in plain
sight, transferring labor costs into raw profit by squirreling away up to 11
cents per dollar.

Based on a $177.2 million cap, $19.42 million that otherwise would go to
players can be retained as raw earnings. Thanks to the wage scale and the
franchise tag and players reluctant to hold out because fans instantly align
with the billionaires in their periodic fights with millionaires, teams like the
Bills can carry $50 million or more in dead cap space — and plenty of other
teams can quietly field a competitive team while adding millions to the bottom
line by not spending every penny that they can.

No debate that the most important position in the NFL is quarterback. But in
fantasy, there may be as much depth at the position as there ever has been.

Sure Authentic Todd
Gurley Jersey
 , we'd all like Green Bay superstar Aaron Rodgers to
start for our teams, but that privilege may not be worth a third- or
fourth-round pick in most leagues.

Unless you're in a league in which you can start more than one QB
(superflex/2 QB leagues) or one that awards 6 points for a touchdown pass, do
not take a QB until the eighth round at the earliest.

This isn't to say that you should completely pass on players like Rodgers or
New England's Tom Brady. If Rodgers falls to the fifth round or later, the value
would be too good. But generally, load up on as many running backs and wide
receivers as possible.

The depth at QB means you can get a player like Philip Rivers (Chargers), Ben
Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh) or Andrew Luck (Indianapolis) later in your draft.
They each have warts but it's better to have depth at RB or WR in the middle
rounds rather than take a QB that may not outscore someone you can draft several
rounds later by anything more than a few points per week.

History tells us that there will be several top QBs that will outscore others
at that position by a significant amount, but the passers ranked No. 4 to No. 13
will be separated by about 4 fantasy points per week. That just isn't enough of
a difference to justify passing on a third running back or receiver.

A question that every fantasy owner should ask when thinking about drafting a
top-level QB is whether the team will look better with that QB and a running
back like Marlon Mack, or with a receiver like Golden Tate and Luck. Take the
second option every time.

When it comes to quarterbacks and other positions, fantasy analysts place
players in tiers. Rodgers is in a tier all by himself. He is the best fantasy QB
today and it may not be all that close. Don't be worried about the broken
collarbone from last season. Rodgers has the arm strength to throw every pass
required and although he won't run as much as Carolina's Cam Newton or Seattle's
Russell Wilson, he still has the ability to escape the pocket to gain yardage on
the ground or more importantly, buy time for one of his receivers to get

The next tier has a few more options: Philadelphia's Carson Wentz, Houston's
Deshaun Watson, Newton Chris
Thompson Jersey
 , Wilson and Brady. Any one of them can start for
your fantasy team but they aren't perfect by any means.

Newton had accuracy problems throughout his career and they aren't likely to
improve much this season. Still, his ability to scramble for yardage and TDs
make him valuable. Wentz may or may not be ready for Week 1. If you draft Wentz,
you may feel the need to select Nick Foles later as insurance. While no one can
truly blame you for doing so, it's a waste of a valuable bench slot. Watson is
also coming off a torn ACL and one has to wonder if he will be able to move
around as well as he did last season, and let's also not forget that he only has
a handful of starts under his belt. You may love Wilson for what he did last
year, but now that Doug Baldwin (knee) could miss the entire preseason and Jimmy
Graham left via free agency, there just isn't much left for him to throw to.
Brady may be the greatest real-life QB of all time, but the team lost Nate
Solder and Brandin Cooks and Julian Edelman is suspended for four games. Throw
in that rookie running back Sony Michel will undergo knee surgery and maybe this
won't be his year.

After those top QBs are gone, wait another round or two and just take
whoever's left. Drew Brees (New Orleans), Kirk Cousins (Minnesota), Matthew
Stafford (Detroit), Roethlisberger, Rivers Colton
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 , and Luck round out the next tier. Brees is not the
QB he once was. The Saints have one of the best ground attacks in the game and a
legitimate defense. They don't need Brees to put the ball in the air 40-plus
times a game anymore. Cousins has solid weapons around him and a strong defense.
Now that he finally has the big contract he may finally relax and put up big
numbers. Stafford is about as consistent as they come and is a safe play. Yeah,
starting Roethlisberger on the road can be an issue as his splits are awful but
perhaps a change in coordinators eliminates that problem. Rivers is sort of a
forgotten man but like Stafford, also very consistent and won't cost you much.
Luck's price is only going to get higher as fantasy owners start to believe in
his health.

The position is so deep that even if you don't end up with one of the top 12,
you still have the likes of Matt Ryan (Atlanta), Jimmy Garoppolo (San
Francisco), Alex Smith (Washington) and Marcus Mariota (Tennessee)

That gives you the wiggle room to wait while filling other positions


Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans

Marcus Mariota Matt
Murray Jersey
 , Tennessee Titans

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

Alex Smith, Washington Redskins

Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

Patrick Mahomes II, Kansas City Chiefs

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

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