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 , you love reading about gossip behind the scenes
and in the locker room. Whether it be a rift between players or potential
trades, fans salivate at these situations. I guess this type of talk is what
gossipers experience with TMZ... Needless to say, some NHL markets are a lot
more accustomed to drama than others; we鈥檙e looking at you Canada and in
particular, Montreal which continues to be littered with news and rumors on the
regular. With such a forgettable聽season on the ice, the tabloids have had a
field day with bizarre news from behind the scenes, and we鈥檒l touch base on some
of those in this article.

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We鈥檒l include a variety of other bizarre rumors including possible trades
that almost took place and numerous conspiracy theories, whether it be why the
NHL didn鈥檛 got to the Olympics or heck, troubled occurrences that took place off
the ice with certain players. We guarantee one thing, you鈥檒l be entertained even
if most of these rumblings are likely to be untrue - though some on the list
might leave you scratching your noodles.

Enjoy folks and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend.
Without further ado, here are 17 bizarre rumors to recently surface. We begin
with the city filled in聽drama on the regular, Montreal. Let鈥檚 get

Robert Brazile was so feared as a linebacker during his career with
the Houston Oilers that he earned the nickname Dr. Doom.

In his retirement he found contentment in a vastly different line of work
that he believes was even more challenging than chasing down quarterbacks for a

"It was more difficult being a teacher," he said. "I was a middle school
special ed teacher and it was a challenge every day to find out something to
build the trust, the love and the care for these kids."

Though he loved football and enjoyed his time in the NFL, the 65-year-old
Brazile admits working with children was more fulfilling.

"If I had to choose it all over again, I would love being a teacher more than
a football player," he said.

Though he turned in his Dr. Doom persona decades ago for the role of Mr.
Brazile ,
he'll revisit the success of his first career on Saturday when he'll be one of
eight men inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Brazile was drafted sixth overall in 1975 out of Jackson State, two picks
behind teammate and fellow Hall of Famer Walter Payton, and was voted Defensive
Rookie of the Year. He was the anchor of the 3-4 defensive scheme which coach
Bum Phillips used and was a Pro Bowl selection in seven straight seasons from
1976-1982. He also earned a spot on the NFL's All-Decade team of the 1970s.

The 6-foot-4, 241-pound Brazile was one of the first players to rush
quarterbacks from the outside linebacker position. Many, including Phillips,
believe his work paved the way for the success of other stars at the position
such as Lawrence Taylor, who was drafted six seasons after Brazile.

Phillips, who died in 2013, was fond of saying that Brazile was "Lawrence
Taylor before Lawrence Taylor."

"Robert was the forerunner of the Lawrence Taylor era," Phillips said in a
radio interview before his death. "They remember Lawrence Taylor, but Robert was
a guy that proved that you could do that in the NFL. Everybody said 'You can't
run a college defense in pro ball.' But you can, and we did."

With running back Earl Campbell and quarterback Dan Pastorini leading the
offense, Brazile headlined a defense that helped the Oilers to some of their
most successful seasons. Houston reached the AFC championship game in
consecutive seasons in 1978-79 before falling to the Pittsburgh Steelers both

Brazile fondly remembers the throngs of 'Luv Ya Blue' fans, with most decked
out in the team's signature powder blue duds, waiting to welcome the team home
after those difficult losses. It's estimated that more than 55,000 fans filled
the Astrodome for "homecoming rallies" after both defeats.

"There are days and times now where I sit in the corner and just think about
all the great memories about (those games) and the great turnout of people that
supported us," he said. "I've just always wondered if we would have won ...
against Pittsburgh Authentic
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 , how many people would have been in the

Brazile's early years with the Oilers were made special by the presence of
Phillips, the cowboy-hat-wearing, folksy-talking Texan, who was fired after the
team lost in the wild-card round in 1980.

"Bum was such an organizer of men," Brazile said. "He treated us like his
boys, but he also treated us like a man. We could go to Bum with any problem,
anything that we had on our mind. We trusted in him and he trusted in us, and
that's what made us so unique, that Luv Ya Blue group."

Brazile spent his entire career with the Oilers, retiring after the 1984
season when he was 31. He is credited with 11 career sacks, but certainly had
many more; sacks didn't become an official statistic until 1982.

Brazile is a senior selection into the Hall of Fame, which honors those whose
careers ended at least 25 years ago. After waiting so long to get the nod,
Brazile can hardly wait for Saturday's induction.

"I've got a grand speech for the Hall of Fame that I hope everyone enjoys,"
he said, "and I'm going to embrace it all."

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