Ndamukong Suh reflects on time with

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right, I’ve got a little fun update about our old friend Nadamina..
Ndmamniakong... Ndakonasdfghjkl;... Ndamukong Suh.A Lion from 2010-14 after
Detroit selected him No. 2 overall in the 2010 draft, Suh recently had a fun
interview on sports comedy/satire podcast Pardon My Take, where they discussed
how he’s often painted as a villain, and his time with the Lions.First, the PMT
boys mentioned his bad boy reputation, particularly for incidents during
back-to-back Thanksgiving games. In 2011, Suh appeared to have stomped on former
Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith. Suh issued an apology
but was suspended for two games and forfeited his pay. They’re also probably
talking about the 2012 game, when Suh appeared to purposely kick former Houston
Texans quarterback Matt Schaub right in the groin.I wouldn’t know, but that
appears painful.The PMT boys asked Suh if it’s fair that that he’s still got a
bit of that reputation even though he hasn’t been fined since 2014.“I’ve always
looked at it as a standpoint as there’s always gotta be a villain and there’s
always gotta be the pretty boy. So at the end of the day for a time and period I
had been that villain because of my physical God-given talent and how physical I
played. So I took as a badge of honor,” he said, adding people will have their
own opinions but he’s still out there making plays. They then reference the
December 2014 game against the Packers where Suh is seen stepping on quarterback
Aaron Rodgers’ ankle. PLAY THE TAPE!“If you go back and look at the play I was
actually tussling with one of his offensive linemen, who pushed me and I stepped
back,” Suh said. “If you really look at the situation Customized Detroit Lions
 , it was really his O lineman’s fault and that’s their
job—to protect him—so they didn’t protect him.”Suh said he didn’t know Rodgers
was there. “That’s his fault. He was in the way. I went about my play.”As for
former head coach Jim Caldwell, Suh said his firing was “a funny situation.”“I’m
a huge fan of him. I had a tremendous year under him, so a little mind boggling
with that situation,” he said.And finally PMT asked him if it stunk playing on
Thanksgiving.“Outside of the great people there, playing on Thanksgiving was
blast. Outside of having an opp to be on national television we had a great
4-day weekend,” he said.Now a Los Angeles Ram, Suh and his crew will head to
Ford Field to play the Lions on Dec. 2.FanPulse: Lions fans’ confidence in team
direction cut in half after Week 1 blowout loss Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse —
a survey of fans across the NFL, powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32
polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Lions fans, sign up HERE to join
FanPulse.Last week, our FanPulse surveys debuted and Detroit Lions fans seemed
cautiously optimistic about the 2018 season. 68 percent of polled fans were
confident in the direction of the team. While some had been shaken by the poor
preseason performance from Matt Patricia’s crew, the majority of fans still
believed the Lions’ trajectory was headed upwards.Then Monday night happened:How
confident are you in the direction of the team? Last week: 68 percent
confidenceLions fans have quickly jumped ship with many already wondering if
firing Jim Caldwell was the right thing to do. Rumors are floating that some
veteran players are unhappy with Patricia’s methods, and general manager Bob
Quinn is also facing a ton of criticism.As a result, fan confidence has dropped
more than half in just one week. Last week www.authenticsdetroitlions.com ,
68 percent of fans were confident in the direction of the team. That number is
now just 32 percent. Additionally, only 11 percent were “not very confident” or
“not confident prior to Monday. That number has nearly tripled to 31 percent. He
may or may not have lost some players in the locker room, but it’s abundantly
clear Matt Patricia has lost some fans in just one week.Will the Lions win or
lose in Week 2?Odds: 49ers are 7-point favoritesNiners Nation FanPulse: 49ers by
7Pride Of Detroit FanPulse: Lions by 1Interestingly enough, despite the clear
lack in confidence, Lions fans are still, on average, picking them to pull off a
pretty significant upset on the road this week against the San Francisco 49ers.
Vegas’ odds have skyrocketed to favor the 49ers by a touchdown, and while our
friends at Niners Nation think that’s about right, Lions fans still think
Detroit will move to 1-1.Other than QB, what is most valuable to an NFL offense?
Our national poll this week deals with the most important non-quarterback
position on offense. Considering how much we’ve seen Matthew Stafford get beat
up over his entire career, I’m guessing most Lions fans are with the majority
here. Left tackle beat the field by a large margin, and NFL general managers
seem to agree. In general, teams are willing to pay left tackles and wide
receivers more than any other offensive position outside of quarterback.
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