Julio Jones plays his 100th game today, with a little history on the line

When Julio  http://www.authenticsatlantafalcons.com/cheap-matt-bryant-jersey Jones lines up on the field on
Sunday and prepares to catch a bunch of passes against overmatched Pittsburgh
defensive backs, he won’t just be playing another game. He’ll be playing the
100th game of his career, and as you’d expect for a player of Julio’s caliber,
that big round number comes with some history attached to it. Julio already has
more yards through 99 games—to say nothing of 100—in NFL history, so he’s just
going to add to his total on Sunday against the Steelers. With eight receptions,
though, he’ll tie Antonio Brown for the most through 100 games, and if he
manages to reel in nine he’ll simply be the most prolific wide receiver ever
between the 20s in that span. Either way, Julio’s already made some history.
Despite all this, Jones will inevitably face extra scrutiny for the rest of his
career for his scoring numbers. He simply doesn’t reel in touchdowns the way
many other elite receivers do and have in the past, due to the last 20 regular
season games where he has but three scores and a track record of fine but not
stellar production before that. You only need to watch Julio for a handful of
plays to understand how special he is, but that touchdown thing is going to be a
constant focus for many fans and analysts until he starts scoring in bunches.Yet
you can see Julio’s importance in the way defenses are forced to tailor their
gameplans around stopping him Black
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 , and in the myriad ways they’ve failed to do so
as Julio has piled up 9,556 yards since he arrived in the league back in 2011.
You can also see it in Calvin Ridley’s stellar production, as Ridley continues
to get one-on-one matchups he can win as teams pick their poison by continuing
to prioritize #11.The Falcons just don’t have this caliber of offense without
one of the best receivers I’ve ever seen play the game, and chances are good
Julio will do nothing but burnish his reputation against a Pittsburgh secondary
that just isn’t ready to hold him in check. May the Falcons win in no small part
because of him, because I’m sure nobody wants to see a loss for Julio’s 100th
game.The Falcons haven’t had a three game stretch like this on defense since
2003 The Atlanta Falcons are on a run of defensive ineptitude that I’d like to
say we’ve never seen before. Sadly, though, we have.The last time the Falcons
allowed 36-plus points in three straight weeks, they were in the midst of a
seven game losing streak back in 2003, the year that would get Dan Reeves fired.
During that run, where they lost 39-26, 36-0, and 45-17 to the
Vikings Black
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 , Rams, and Saints, the Falcons had a far more
inept offense but still a brutally bad D. The Falcons wound up going 5-11 that
year, winning two of their final three games with Wade Phillips at the helm, and
that team had few parallels to the Atlanta squad of 2018. This year’s team is a
much better offense with a defense that was longer on talent before injuries,
but the end result might be much the same. Of course, we remember that the 2004
Falcons made a genuine playoff run a year after that ugly 2003, and we’ll hope
for much the same in 2019. If, of course, the Falcons don’t manage to pull off
that miraculous turnaround here in 2018.
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