Raiders NFL’s oldest team a sign of wanting to win now t Khalil Mack trade is a rebuild move

A lot was
made aJordy
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, bout the off-season acquisitions that Jon Gruden made after taking over
control of the team. Specifically there was a lot of chatter about the average
age of the players that were brought in. Time and time again Gruden and company
brought in veterans for his squad, much to the chagrin of the media and some
fans.The result of the veteran shopping spree was the Oakland Raiders going from
being the 19th oldest team in the league to the 32nd oldest team with an average
age of 27.4 years old. That is a full half year older average than even the
Falcons who were rated as the 31st oldest team, and a staggering 2.18 year
average age difference from the Cincinnati Bengals who field the youngest team
with a 25.2 year old average.The author of these ratings knows what you are
likely thinking right now, 2.18 years isn’t really that big of a difference
right? PhillyVoice’s Jimmy Kempski is prepared for your question if so and made
sure to address the obvious grievance about his rating.When he puts it that way
it’s easy to see the difference really is a monumental difference then, because
5 years in the NFL is an eternity. When Gruden set out to collect his veteran
additions, it was seen as a move to try to set up the Raiders for a win now
mentality. That’s all well and good, but the Khalil Mack trade was the opposite
of that and seems more to have announced the Raiders will be rebuilding
instead.The oddity of those conflicting messages was not lost on Sirius XM radio
and The Athletic’s Ross Tucker. He’s not wrong with his “bizarro world”
assessment here, they truly are two completely opposite messages being put out.
Gruden just sold the farm to build his house, announcing that the draft picks
and financial freedom was better for his team than one of the dominant defensive
players of this generation. That is a rebuilding move through and through on a
team full of players at the end of their careers who want to win now not
later.It’s an interesting paradox if nothing else anyway. Though the Mack trade
clearly weakens the Raiders for this season, it doesn’t mean they can’t be
competitive anyway though. It just got a lot harder, especially when talking
about a team that is far and away the oldest in the league.Maybe the average age
of the team will actually help them overcome the Mack trade and get some wins
despite losing their best player though. The oldest team in the league also
means they are the most experienced team in the NFL, so most of these guys have
seen the ugly business side before and many were victims of it already
themselves.That experience will help the young talent on the team get used to
the post Mack era quicker. It’s a hard lesson to learn but it will help having
the veterans to ease the transition. It may be bizarre seeing two drastically
different messages about their team, but these players have real games that they
are about to start playing. Khalil Mack is a great player Authentic
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, but he is just one guy on a 53 player team.
I’m still excited to see what this veteran team is capable of even in a post
Mack world. I don’t know if they are rebuilding or ready to win now, but I do
now a team averaging 27.4 years old isn’t going to lay down in front of
adversity. Win or lose, I still can’t wait to see what these veterans have to
offer starting a week from Monday night against the Rams.Scouting the Broncos
ahead of Raiders week two match-up in Denver Familiar Faces in Rival
PlacesFormer Raiders offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave is in his second year
as the offensive coordinator for the Broncos and is already on his second
starting quarterback. Musgrave is a solid OC and puts the Broncos offense in
position to make plays. In their season opener against the Seahawks this Broncos
team employed nearly a perfect 50/50 run versus pass play call while amassing
470 total yards. They ran the ball 32 times for 146 yards, and they passed the
football 39 times completing 25 passes for 329 yards. Not too shabby. The
OffenseCase Keenum is the new face under center for the Denver Broncos in a move
that showed the complete lack of faith in former top pick QB Paxton Lynch.
Despite a career year in which the journeyman veteran led the team to the NFC
Championship game, the Vikings made an executive decision to sign Kirk Cousins
and let Keenum walk.Keenum was hot and cold against the Seahawks. He completed
25 of 39 passes for 329 yards and 3 TD’s against a Ken Norton Jr. led Seahawk
defense. He also threw 3 INT’s against that Norton led defense. You know, the
same guy who was fired after his Raiders defense set a record by going 10 weeks
without an interception. Not such an accomplishment, even if it was the great
Earl Thomas III, fresh off a camp holdout and with just a week of practice under
his belt.The safeties will have numerous opportunities to step in front of wide
receivers and steal passes, because one thing Keenum doesn’t do well is look off
the safety. He has a habit of locking in on his receivers and makes his
intentions with the football known. Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas have
been the Broncos receiver duo since 2014. Last season wasn’t particularly
productive up to either of their standards. Much of that had to do with stopgap
QB Trevor Siemian throwing them the ball.Against the Seahawks, Sanders caught 10
passes for 135 yards including a beautiful catch and sideline toe tap combined
with 43 yard run, capped off with a front flip into the end zone for a
touchdown. Thomas, didn’t miss out on the party as he came down with six
receptions for 63 yards and TD.The receivers will be a factor that the Raiders
must have a plan for. A route tactician in Sanders, a big physical monster in
Thomas Youth
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, along with talented rookie Courtland Sutton.
The Raiders have the defensive backs to match up well with the Broncos. What
will be imperative once again is the Raiders linebacking corp be quick to cover
curl to flats. Also worth noting, Musgrave loves to draw up passing plays
against cover-2 defense. Choosing to launch attacks on the safeties by forcing
them to make a hi-lo decision. Philip Lindsay and Royce Freeman are a young
prototypical thunder and lightning combination. The 5’8”, 190-pound Lindsay is
the scat back who took a 19-yard screen pass to the house last week. He also
split carries with the 6’, 229-pound Freeman. They ran for the exact same
carries and yards17 times for 51 yards (4.7 ypc). These two backs will be
featured and ran early as well as often. Musgrave is a believer in using the run
to set up the pass. It’s always Miller time on defenseI don’t know how Von
Miller didn’t win AFC Defensive player of the week. He sacked the Russell Wilson
3 times, caused 2 fumbles, and danced all over the Seahawks backfield. Miller is
the unquestioned leader of this defense and they will go as he goes. Fifth
overall pick Bradley Chubb showed promise but they ask him to drop back in
coverage and he really shouldn’t. Chubb wasn’t asked to do much pass coverage at
NC State, but he is now. Chubb has all the talent in the world and it would
provide the Broncos with the luxury of two dominant edge rushers at a fraction
of the price of $141/M with $90/M guaranteed. I’m just saying. The defensive
backfield was once the most dominant unit in all of football. Now they are a
shell of their former selves much like the now former Legion of Boom. Chris
Harris Jr. is a great corner who gives receivers fits, Bradley Roby is a
question mark, to be honest. He needs to have a good season now that he’s in the
spotlight and no longer the third guy. Adding wily veteran Adam ‘Pac Man’ Jones
is a risky move that could help pay off. Russell Wilson, in between running for
his life, and avoiding pass rushers was able to complete 19 passes for 298 yards
3 TD’s and 2 INT’s. The GameplanOpportunities for Derek Carr and Amari Cooper to
reunite and reform AC/DC will be plentiful. The Broncos gave up touchdown passes
of 51 yards to Tyler Lockett, 15 yards to Will Dissly (3 catches 105 yards 1 TD,
from a primarily blocking tight end) ,
and 20 yards to 34-year-old Brandon Marshall. To handicap Wilson further, Doug
Baldwin his favorite target was injured early in the first half and did not
return. Head coach Jon Gruden has called out his quarterback and let it be known
early he won’t be handling missed opportunity with kid gloves. An educated guess
would suggest that Cooper, Jordy Nelson, and recently re-signed Martavis Bryant
will get many looks this week. Dissly was targeted five times, catching three
passes; one for a touchdown, one that narrowly missed, and another. Jared Cook
is coming off a career night and a franchise record-setting performance, could
this be part deux? Should the Broncos commit Brandon Marshall the linebacker to
help the safety, it will further compromise a run defense which has been suspect
as of late.The run game was abandoned early against the Rams, it was abandoned
and Carr was without the threat of a play-action pass nearly all game. Lynch and
the offensive line came out cracking pads and taking it to the Rams early, then
it just went away. This offensive line must impose their will on the Broncos’
defense and maintain the edge in time of possession which won’t be an easy
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