In all three phases of football

 the Cardinals’ coaches are not making the necessary
adjustments or making maximum use of their personnel.Look, I am just a long-time
fan and a former high school head coach. Could my knowledge of football
translate over to what is ailing the Arizona Cardinals? Probably not. But, I am
going to try to give this theBenson
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best shot I can.Sign up for FanPulse, our weekly
Cardinals surveyThe first person I would let go is GM Steve Keim. At this point,
Cardinals’ fans know all the positives and negatives of Keim’s tenure as GM. The
present reality is that his vision for sustained success is not bearing fruit.
The team has lost its most important asset—-the 12th man. Last night was an
Orange Sea, not a Red Sea—-and there were whole sections of empty seats. I think
Terry McDonough deserves a chance as interim GM. Michael Bidwill seemed to
embrace having greater involvement in the wheelings and dealings when Keim was
absent. That might be a good thing. Plus, Mike Disner, imo, as Director of
Football Operation is a savvy pro and a long-term keeper. I would also like to
see Adrian Wilson become Terry McDonough’s player personnel assistant during
this interim. I know A-Dub bleeds Cardinal red.In a symbolic sense, I think it
would best to let Steve Keim go first—-like today—-and then let Mike McCoy,
Keim’s hand-picked OC, go on Saturday. McCoy’s fate may have already been
sealed—-but if not—-starting the game with ANOTHER dive up the middle to David
Johnson, an embarrassing timeout on the second play, and then ANOTHER get rid of
the ball as fast as you can pass on 2nd down Cheap
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, which the Broncos’ defense was fully
expecting, which led to a tipped pass pick six and the start of an avalanche of
poor plays.In McCoy’s place, we go with Byron Leftwich, who appears to have a
very good rapport with Josh Rosen—-and in unison with Rosen and OL coach Ray
Brown, they can give the offense a spark by modernizing a more creative attack,
one in which it doesn’t take 7 games and being behind 42-3 to finally throw to
David Johnson out of the slot.On Saturday, I would also relieve RB coach Kirby
Wilson of his duties and replace him with offensive assistant Cameron Turner.
Not only are the Cardinals’ RBs woefully under-performing last night we saw yet
AGAIN a few of the more feeble attempt to chip block on DEs than one would see
even at the Pop Warner level. One whiff after another—-and they haven’t even
been coached to wait until the DE commits to his path, to then lower the block,
as the RBs are just running in the DEs direction and then trying to throw a last
second shoulder at them. It’s bad football and it is inexcusable. Plus the
team’s most electric kickoff returner and fastest RB to the hole, T.J. Logan, is
languishing on the inactive list. That too is inexcusable. I would like to see
Leftwich employ some slight pocket shifts for Rosen. They can double down with
the TE on the play side DE and snap the ball to Rosen from the shotgun and his
him shift the pocket to the edge of the box—-which buys him more time from the
backside DE, whom the RB could help out on if need be. That—-and get a full
array of bootlegs and waggles in for Rosen. Moving him around, imo, will help
his productivity and cut down on the number of hits he is taking. Take advantage
of Rosen’s feet. As for the defensive side of the ball Cheap
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, it irked me to no end to see Steve Wilks
primarily blame the offense for what transpired last night—-and then praise his
defense for holding the Broncos to a FG late in the game. The fact is—-you
CANNOT win in the NFL trying to defend the run from an undersized nickel
defense—-and you CANNOT win in the NFL playing soft zones. You CANNOT win in the
NFL by never setting hard edges—-and you HAVE to make sure your FS stays on top
of the deepest threat. Add to that some pitiful tackling efforts and this
defense deserves to be right where it is—-at the bottom of the NFL.And NO, James
Bettcher’s defense was not a Top 6 defense, not anywhere close.We will know when
the Cardinals’ defense has become legit when the edges are finally set and they
are not asking the safeties and CBs to play contain. Thus, I think that Coach
Wilks has warranted an ultimatum. Either you start employing a standard base
defense that is far better equipped to set hard edges and to defense the run and
to play stickyman coverage with over the top FS help, or you will be relieved of
your job after the last game. Wilks cannot get away with trying to spend the
whole year in the nickel. We have to be able to see how he and Al Holcomb can
coach a base defense.At this point there has to be a disconnect between Wilks
and Steve Keim and even Michael Bidwill—-wasn’t he hired to be able to coach up
players with “different personalities”? Well, last night there were more
Cardinals first rounders and high draft picks on the pine than ever before, even
under BA. They are being termed “not a fit for the system.” Well, no other team
runs a nickel as its “system.” This MUST change and there has to be signs of
progress with the high draft picks.I also believe that STs coach, Jeff Rodgers,
has warranted an ultimatum—-start playing the best players (T.J. Logan) and get
rid of the yellow flaggers (Williams, Taylor and Peterson). The Broncos were
pooch kicking to Williams because they saw on tape that he is not a threat and
has trouble advancing the ball past the 20. The team has been losing the field
position battle for weeks now. This is almost getting Amos Jones bad.As for the
team’s personnel, we are going to need to add a couple of guards asap. Weird
that they just cut Will House who they’ve been coaching for several months. At
least he knows the play calls. They have to put RG Justin Pugh on the IR and
they should open up a roster spot by releasing QB Sam Bradford (the highest paid
coach on the team). There is NO point in keeping him. Promote Chad Kanoff from
the PS, which they should have done with FS Darian Thompson before he was
wooshed away by the Giants. I would also release Jamar Taylor and Brandon
Williams—-re-sign Tim Scott and have him and Deatrick Nichols compete for
playing time at the backup CB and nickel spots. Do NOT cut Nichols again. We
need to add depth at FS too. I think it would be good to see Zeke Turner and
Dennis Gardeck get some reps in the defense, as they are two of the more
physical tacklers on the team. This defense needs bangers.The other change I
would like to see is playing WR Trent Sherfield. Reduce J.J. Nelson’s snaps and
use Sherfield on crossing and corner routes—-which he ran superbly during the
pre-season. That Cheap
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, and incorporate T.J. Logan’sspeed into
thesituational play calls—-and insert him once and for all as the team’s kickoff
returner.Just one fan’s thoughts. Now, let’s hear yours. Welcome to Thursday
Night Football Arizona Cardinals fans.While the Cardinals try and figure out
what the hell is going on in their own house, well we can at least enjoy the
other teams in the league improving.That is exactly what tonight is.We get two
teams that could be, may be on the upswing. We get the third overall pick in Sam
Darnold, last years top pick in Myles Garrett and a bevy of other intriguing
young talent that is... gasp, playing.Who: New York Jets at Cleveland BrownsGame
Time/Date: Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 5:20 PM PSTLocation: FirstEnergy
Stadium, Cleveland, OHTV Channel: NFL Network - Joe Buck (play-by-play) &
Troy Aikman (analyst)Online streaming: FuboTVOdds: Browns by 3
points.Over/under: 40.5Of course, the Browns are still babying Baker Mayfield
along and enjoying the Tyrod Taylor experience, but we get Darnold
tonight.That’s worth a tune in on a slow Thursday night.Who you got?Jets
18Browns 17
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