The Falcoholic Live: Ep50 - Falcons vs. Eagles

Week 1
Spectacular Watch the broadcast below beginning at 8:10 PM ETFellow
Falcoholics Logan
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, welcome to Episode 50 (!!!) of The Falcoholic
Live! As the universe intended, our fiftieth episode coincides perfectly with
the start of the 2018 regular season—and so we bring you our Falcons vs. Eagles
Week 1 Spectacular! We’ll be trying to get several guests on tonight’s show to
talk about Thursday’s NFL kickoff game and the Falcons’ season outlook. Topics
will include match-ups to watch against the Eagles, our predictions for the
game, and much, much more.Here’s the podcast version of the show, enjoy:As
always, we’ll also be taking your questions throughout the show. If you’d like
to ask a question, there are two ways to do so:Ask your question in advance by
tweeting it to the show @FalcoholicLive.Ask your question live by sending it in
the comments on the Facebook Live broadcast.We hope you guys enjoy the show! If
you have comments, we’d love to hear them. Send them to us on Twitter
(@FalcoholicLive), leave them below, or e-mail us at for watching! Consider now two on-court
reactions to the Jimmy Butler trade from two players heavily affected by the
proceedings.First, we turn to Minnesota where Karl-Anthony Towns Youth
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, tormented in the media and during at least one
random practice session by Butler, played his first game since the trade on
Monday. Towns finished with 25 points on 9-of-11 shooting with 21 rebounds and,
uh, 10 turnovers. He also had one bizarre little quote about leadership. In all,
pretty good.Second, we look to Philadelphia, where Markelle Fultz likely played
his last game of the near term as a starter — we expect Butler to supplant him
in the front five this week. Fultz is also the top candidate to be tormented by
Butler based on history. (Jimmy Butler, what a guy!) Fultz shot 2-8 from the
floor and had yet another absolutely bizarre moment with a terrible hitch on a
free throw, later saying the ball slipped out. His (former) trainer took the
opportunity to leak to reporters he’s no longer working with Fultz and they
aren’t on speaking terms. In all, pretty bad.Did we account for all of this
extraneous impacts when grading the Butler trade? Should we have?ScoresMagic
109, Wizards 117Sixers 124, Heat 114Pelicans 126 Youth
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, Raptors 110Mavericks 103, Bulls 98Jazz 96,
Grizzlies 88Nets 113, Timberwolves 120Suns 101, Thunder 118Spurs 99, Kings
104Warriors 116, Clippers 121 (OT)ScheduleHornets at Cavaliers, 7 p.m. ET, NBA
TVRockets at Nuggets, 9 p.m. ET, League PassHawks at Warriors, 10:30 p.m.
ET Womens
Andy Levitre Jersey
, NBA TVLinksWhat’s next for the Timberwolves
and Tom Thibodeau? Seerat Sohi on why Jimmy Butler and the Sixers need each
other.Poor, poor Caris LeVert. He was having a legitimate breakout season for
the Nets and he suffered a very, very bad leg injury on Monday night. Hoping for
a clean, quick recovery.Really cool project by Nylon Calculus where you adjust
your priorities (individual peak, longevity, rings, scoring, etc.) and it spits
out an algorithmic Top 50 of All-Time. My top five goes Kareem, LeBron, MJ, Wilt
and Duncan, which is pretty close to how I would have otherwise listed my top
five (MJ Youth
Brian Poole Jersey
, LeBron, Kareem, Duncan, Oscar). What a win by
the Clippers over the Warriors. Montrezl Harrell is real.LOL — LeBron almost
lost it with his loony Lakers teammates already.Carmelo Anthony has, by the
numbers, been extraordinarily bad this season. I ask three questions whose
answers will determine his basketball future, or whether he has one. Woj reports
that Melo’s camp is looking at other team.Alex Wong has a new podcast, and in
the first episode he talks to the very funny Alex Chieng about all things NBA.In
a very good piece on DeMar DeRozan looking forward from San Antonio, Jonathan
Abrams reports that the All-Star found out he was traded by the Raptors in a
Jack in the Box, where he then stayed two hours processing the news.Kyrie Irving
being mysterious and conspiratorial in discussing his team’s struggles? He
learned at the feet of the best.Be excellent to each other.
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