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quarterback Derek Carr has taken ,
he came out and played well Sunday. He had a hand in all 28 points the Raiders
put up against the Indianapolis Colts Sunday and didn’t turn the ball over. When
you do that, you’re supposed to win the game. But the defense, led by defensive
coordinator Paul Guenther, was horrible as usual Sunday, allowing the Colts to
score 42 points. Yes, they lost their best player in Khalil Mack but the defense
can surely do better than it has this year. Instead of helping the defense get
better by letting the players do what they do best, Guenther is imposing his
will on the defense. Edge rusher Bruce Irvin and safety Karl Joseph are being
grossly misused. Irvin made the 2017 Top-100 football players list as a SAM
linebacker that can cover, play the run, and rush the passer on passing downs
with Mack on the other side. But Guenther moved him to defensive end full time
and he isn’t doing so well with three sacks in seven games. Meanwhile,
linebacker Tahir Whitehead has been the absolute worst defensive player the
Raiders have. Coming into the game against the Colts, Whitehead was the only LB
with 20-plus pass-rush snaps without a pressure and the only LB with 100-plus
coverage snaps to allow a perfect passer rating when targeted (158.3). Yet it is
Whitehead that leads the team in defensive snaps with 380 according to Pro
Football Focus. Colts’ running backs rushed for 220 yards and caught all four
their targets while three of their tight ends scored touchdowns. The Raiders are
now the first team in NFL history to give up TD’s to three different tight ends
in one game. Guenther seems to think 2016 1st-round pick Karl Joseph is big part
of the problem. He was a great free safety in college with his instincts, range
and ball-skills but he’s only 5’10”, no match for 6’4” and above tight ends. So
it is no wonder he couldn’t reach the pass on the TD he gave up to 6’4” Eric
Ebron. Fellow safety Marcus Gilchrist, who’s also 5’10”, gave up a TD to 6’6”,
260-pound Jack Doyle. If Guenther watched any past film on the Raiders, he would
know Irvin is pretty good at covering tight ends. Eric Harris at 6’3”, 225
pounds is also a better bet to cover opposing TE’s.Geunther has a nice
Double-A-Gap scheme to get pass-rushers one on one but even that won’t work
until the young pass-rushers get better. One thing that will never work is 5’10
safeties covering 6’5” tight ends. So opposing offenses have taken advantage of
Guenther using his strong and free safeties interchangeably. The best idea would
be to put Harris at SS and Joseph at FS. Admitting his mistake and moving Irvin
back to OLB and Whitehead out of the game would help the defense too.Schemes are
great but players make them work or not work so Guenther needs to adapt to his
players more.Raiderdamus’ Friday Foretelling: Raiders vs. Seahawks We are
required to inform you that these Foretellings are works of satire and are not
for the faint of heart. Due to their content they should not be read by anyone.
Please enjoy at your own risk. -The EditorGreetings, Raider Nation! It is I, the
man of the hour, the tower of power too sweet to be sour, using 500 horsepower
to make fools run and cower, Raiderdamus the Great and Powerful. The Raiders may
be a little disappointing this year, but Raiderdamus and the Great Beyond will
never let you down. With the goal in mind of edifying and entertaining each and
every one of you as I do every week, I’ve once again entreated the aid of the
Great Beyond to give us a clue as to the fate of the Raiders this week. The
message I received is as follows. Fall on your faces, o mortals, and cower in
fear and trepidation:“You’re back again! All that optimism you had about the
Raiders’ season has to be down the tubes now. But you keep summoning me, and
because I have nothing better to do I’ll keep sending these messages. Who are
you playing this week? The Seahawks? And where is the game? Oh ,
that’s gotta suck.The people of Seattle like everything fast and convenient,
except their commutes. They are busy folks, and don’t have time to wait to use a
bathroom when walking down the street or find a trash can when shooting up
heroin on the sidewalk. It’s for this reason that they’ve exchanged the quality
of decent coffee for Starbucks and the wholesome goodness of actual food for
7-11. There are, in fact, 44 7-11 locations in the greater Seattle area. But
7-11 is the finest Seattle can hope for, because the Seahawks are 5-11 at best.
This year, that might be good enough for second place in the NFC West.The
Seahawks have two things going for them at this point, Russell Wilson and Pete
Carroll. They will have to shell out big bucks to keep Wilson past 2019, but
surely they don’t fear Carroll’s departure. It’s not like he’s known for jumping
ship and bolting as soon as his team starts to fall apart and the heat gets
turned up. Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty ImagesWilson, on the other hand, might
stay just for sentimental reasons. Russell Wilson makes Ben Carson look like
Louis Farrakhan. He does a ton of charity work with sick kids in the Seattle
area at children’s hospitals. But those kids need to get some perspective,
because cancer will treat them far better than the Seahawks ever will.Photo by
Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Celebrity Fight NightIf you ever have the
misfortune of finding yourself in the Seattle area, you will see plenty of
people wearing Seattle #12 jerseys that say “MAN” on the nameplate. This is
because Seattleites are not true fans and don’t know the names of any of their
players, and so their favorite Seahawks player is... themselves.Photo by
Elsa/Getty ImagesOkay first of all Susan, you don’t play for the Seahawks so sit
the fuck down. You’re not a part of the team, you pay to sit in the stands and
yell in the rain. I mean, Raider fans have Raider Nation, and it’s important to
dress up and act crazy, but we don’t make jerseys that are essentially
masturbatory fantasies about being part of the team. On the contrary, the chief
purpose of Raider Nation is to scare the ever-living shit out of all opposing
fans. The only people Seattle fans scare are the poor Colombian slaves who
harvest their coffee.Seattle’s weather is such garbage, it doesn’t even make
sense to have a football team there. Maybe the Seahawks should move to a nicer
part of the country. Somewhere warmer and drier, with some clay instead of mud.
Somewhere like Oklahoma City. Why, that would be just super! I’m almost to the
goal line here, but it’s getting tiresome and predictable to keep running these
jokes down your throat, so maybe I should just pass.But I have to give it to
Seattle fans, they are some of the most longsuffering people in the country.
They support the Mariners unfailingly, and despite holding the record for most
wins in a season and some of the best players in baseball history (Randy
Johnson, Alex Rodriguez Cheap
Jordy Nelson Jersey
, Ken Griffey Jr. and Ichiro Suzuki), they have
never won shit and will never win shit. The Seahawks actually have won a Super
Bowl, and every Seahawk fan was allowed to stay up well past their bedtime by
their mommy and daddy to watch as they trounced Denver to win it. The following
year, when they were in third grade, they also got to stay up to watch Seattle
lose to New England.The Seahawks have had some truly tremendous players in their
history. Steve Largent, Chris Warren, Kenny Easley, Shaun Alexander, Walter
Jones, Cortez Kennedy. Of course, no true Seahawk fan is old enough to remember
any of them. But Raider fans remember one Seahawk great in particular:People say
the Seahawks’ offensive line is terrible, but I beg to differ. I’ve never seen a
line shut down the running game the way they can, it’s uncanny. And I’ve never
seen a defensive line protect the quarterback the way theirs does. Seattle’s
drafting is so bad, it makes the Cardinals look like the Vikings. They had one
good draft in 2012 and have been riding it ever since. This year, they drafted
Rashaad Penny, one of the best rushers in college football history, but in their
infinite wisdom have made the undrafted Chris Carson their featured back. Prized
second-round pick Malik McDowell did more damage in the back of a cop car than
he did on the field.This game will be played in London, a market the NFL values
so highly they send the Jaguars over there each year. It’s a country whose
football hooligans in every stadium make the Black Hole look like Augusta
National. They sing racist songs and shoot flares onto the field while both
teams take turns not scoring- just like a Jaguars game! England has a long
history with raiders, having first been pillaged by the Norsemen in AD 793. The
Seattle defense is pillow-soft and should put up just as much fight as did the
monks of Lindisfarne.The Seahawks don’t have many of the things which once made
them the most feared team in the league. They don’t have a competent secondary,
a fierce four-man pass rush, or innovative schemes on either side of the ball.
But what they do have, is Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson, and on Sunday, that
might just be enough.Seahawks win, 26-16.”
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