The Arizona Cardinals sit at 0-3

 after their 16-14 defeat to
the Chicago Bears.It was a completely predictable result based on what Sam
Bradford and the offense had shown through two games.Despite jumping out to an
early 14-0 lead in the first quarter over the Bears Arizona
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, the Cardinals offense was mostly stagnant.It
seemed like the time was ripe after the first half to make the move to Josh
Rosen, but it was the first signs of any offensive success, the 14 points, for
the Cardinals in 2018, so not making the move was fine.Well, the offense
continued to put the defense in bad positions and eventually, it caught up to
them.After the third Sam Bradford turnover, the Bears held a 16-14 lead.It
seemed hopeless.And, maybe that’s because with this coaching staff of the
Arizona Cardinals, it is.This is not to say Steve Wilks and Al Holcomb cannot
grow into their respective positions. We saw massive improvements defensively
today, with Robert Nkemdiche continuing to grow into the player they drafted in
the first round.However, with the defense, the continued play of Gerald Hodges
and Tre Boston over their young linebackers in Haason Reddick and Deone
Bucannon, brings to surface their decision making. It also brings up whether or
not this is the staff to coach up young players at linebacker such as Bucannon
and Reddick, or whether or not the Cardinals will be drafting another linebacker
prospect early.The other question you have for Wilks is... why then and there
for Josh Rosen?Sure Sam Bradford is not going to win you that game, but putting
Rosen in at that juncture seems like an impossible situation for a rookie to get
his first live NFL action. Of course, Wilks, like the rest of us had seen enough
of Bradford at that point, but with four minutes to go ,
it just didn’t make much sense.The one indefensible coaching decision and person
who doesn’t need to be in this coaching staff any longer is Mike McCoy.McCoy’s
lack of ability as a play caller has been discussed more than anything non-Sam
Bradford related on this site, and it reared its ugly head again in the
Cardinals loss to the Bears.However, it was his decision to leave David Johnson
on the sidelines, and go with running back Chase Edmonds on the pivotal third
and two play coming off the two minute warning.It went for a three yard loss and
of course Rosen would throw an interception on the next play and it was academic
after that.The call to Edmonds is what it is, the execution was poor from the
offensive line. However, not having Johnson on the field, to be something the
Bears have to think about, is what is completely inexcusable and in the end
should be one of the last decisions McCoy gets to make in Arizona.Call it an
overreaction, but McCoy should not have much to do with Rosen’s development and
he should be gone moving forward.I’m not ready to call it on Steve Wilks, but
the longer McCoy is on the staff, the harder it will be to defend him. So far if
you’ve owned any Arizona Cardinals players in fantasy outside of taking a late
flier on Christian Kirk you’re probably ready to storm Mike McCoy’s door for the
misusage of Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson.But let’s stick with the
positives here and see if Josh Rosen can spark the Cardinals offense this week
at home against the Seahawks in his first NFL start.Who are the top fantasy
performers and sleepers?Let’s take a look:Start of the Week: Rashaad Penny, RB,
21 carries, 5 catches for 134 total yards and 2 TD’sThe Cardinals have been
inconsistent against the run and while they only surrendered 42 yards on the
ground to Todd Gurley they got torched through the air.Last week they gave up
122 yards on the ground to the Chicago Bears despite Mitchell Trubisky not being
as much of a passing threat.While the Seahawks offense has struggled under Brian
Schottenheimer they seemed to find a rhythm last week and it wouldn’t surprise
me if they see a lot of checking down to Penny against AZ’s weak linebacker unit
in the passing game.Cardinals Start: WR Christian Kirk, WR 6 catches, 113 yards,
1 TD, 30 yards punt returnWhile the addition of Josh Rosen should benefit Larry
Fitzgerald maybe more than any other, Rosen has a connection with Kirk that
dates all the way back to college and one that we even saw in the preseason with
a touchdown pass.Expect Kirk to pick up another one of those today in his first
100 yard game as a pro as well.Seahawks Start: QB Russell Wilson 300
yards Womens
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, 1 passing TD, 1 rushing TD,
1 INTI’m expecting a quieter game from Russ than what he’s capable of due to the
poor offensive playcalling but ultimately with Doug Baldwin back, I think he’ll
have a strong, strong game in Arizona if Steve Wilks works to sell out on the
run to stop it, and Arizona did struggle against a mobile QB in Alex Smith,
particularly in the shorter passing game earlier this season.Russell also hasn’t
used his legs as much but I have a feeling that changes this sunday as Chandler
Jones and a healthier Markus Golden and Robert Nkemdiche get to face this
Seahawks offensive line.Cardinals Sit: Jermaine Gresham, TE, 1 catch for 4
yardsGresham barely practiced in the preseason and despite a catch last week he
has no rapport with Rosen whereas Ricky Seals-Jones does.I would think also that
Mike McCoy will scheme up a plan to keep Rosen upright and that will include a
lot of running the football (with Gresham) and either chip or extra tight end
protection (also with Gresham).Seahawks Sit: Jaron Brown, WR, Seahawks 1 catch,
13 yardsCall me crazy but I don’t see a revenge game in sight.I think that the
Cardinals have been susceptible on the deeper end as we saw from Brandin Cooks
and with how AZ plays zone, it’ll mean they will take advantage of getting Tyler
Lockett matched up against AZ’s slot or 2nd corners, meaning Jaron will draw
Patrick Peterson.As a teammate of his for years, Peterson should know his former
teammate well and I’d expect that the Seattle gameplan won’t go his way this
week.Sleeper: Chad Williams, WRWilliams has only been targeted when it’s been
Rosen and not Bradford for the most part this season.If he gets a few targets
and can burn some CB’s on Seattle perhaps he escapes for a deep ball.Or maybe
it’s JJ Nelson who should be here instead in that case, as he was a Seahawks
killer in both ‘16 and ‘17.You can follow @blakemurphy7 or ask fantasy questions
on Twitter!
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