The Falcoholic Live’s Falcons vs. Steelers

 Post-game Special
Watch the broadcast below beginning at 4:20 PM ETWell Youth
Vic Beasley Jr Jersey
, you saw it. If you watched to the end, then
I applaud you. At any rate, the Falcons lost a total blunder of a game to the
Steelers, falling to 1-4 and almost assuredly falling out of the playoff picture
in 2018. It sucks, and there’s plenty of blame to go around—much of it directed
at Adam Caplan and his tweet. Come and talk about where the team goes from here
with us, as we discuss the future of the Falcons in 2018 and beyond. Be warned:
there may be more profanity than usual in this one.As always ,
we’ll also be taking your questions throughout the show. If you’d like to ask a
question, there are two ways to do so:Ask your question in advance by tweeting
it to the show @FalcoholicLive.Ask your question live by sending it in the
comments on the Facebook Live broadcast.We hope you guys enjoy the show! If you
have comments, we’d love to hear them. Send them to us on Twitter
(@FalcoholicLive), leave them below, or e-mail us at for watching!Falcons vs. Steelers injury report:
Derrick Shelby, Justin Bethel ruled out for Sunday The Falcons are still nowhere
close to healthy Black
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, and this week, they’ll once again be missing a
key starter and a couple of role players. Stop me if you’ve heard a variation on
this injury report before. This week, it’s once again Derrick Shelby, with a
side of Justin Bethel. Unfortunately, we already knew Grady Jarrett was going to
be out, which means huge roles for Terrell McClain Black
Grady Jarrett Jersey
, Deadrin Senat and Jack Crawford this week.
Shelby’s the last defensive end in the rotation when he does play, but it would
still be nice to have another live body there. The Falcons have used Steven
Means pretty lightly thus far, leaving Takk McKinley, Vic Beasley and Brooks
Reed to carry the load at defensive end. Last week’s strong effort aside and
McKinley’s excellence duly noted, it hasn’t been a great group. Hopefully Shelby
will be back next week against the Buccaneers, in case they decide to run the
ball.Bethel is last in the pecking order at cornerback but is a core special
teamer Black
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, so I’m sure Keith Armstrong isn’t happy he’s
once again unavailable. The Falcons will get by without him, of course, but it
would be nice to have him around.Jarrett is the big loss here, especially
against a Pittsburgh offense that can be extremely potent. We’ll have to hope
it’s only a one week injury and that Atlanta can weather the storm.
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