Get ready for Falcons vs. Steelers with ‘Thursday Night Kickoff’ on FOX 5 Atlanta

 There’s so much going on Thursday night. We’ve got the
Colts and Patriots on Thursday Night Football. The Atlanta Braves face the
Dodgers in postseason action. Oh Youth
Julio Jones Jersey
, and yours truly will be back on FOX 5 Atlanta
with Jeanna’s Mailbag on Thursday Night Kickoff starting at 7 p.m. ET. Last week
we asked fans what the Falcons can do to keep the injury bug at bay. Well, they
didn’t listen to any of our suggestions, and now Grady Jarrett is out this week
with an ankle injury. This week we went to Falcons Twitter to ask how the
Falcons can slow down the Steelers’ offensive attack. Le’Veon Bell is still
holding out, thank goodness. But the Steelers still have plenty of talent on
that side of the ball, and the Falcons defense is ... well, I don’t have to
explain it to you. We only have time to share a few responses on the air, so
(spoiler alert) here are some of the most clever ones you won’t see on TV
tonight —and you can see those below. I’m not going to lie — I had to Google
this because I thought Dave was just throwing around some made-up word to mess
with me. Instead, this is actually a weapon of defense “that served to slow the
advance of horses ,
war elephants, and human troops,” per Wikipedia. It could work! Beaver-related
strategies are always good. Iron City Light would not be the best for hydration
or functional play. I like it. Wouldn’t this theoretically eliminate half the
Falcons’ roster, too?CC: Dan Quinn. Anybody have a spare steel curtain laying
around?When all else fails ...There you go. I will include any tweet with a The
Good Place gif. What’s Bane up to these days?Unless it’s the actual Gritz Blitz
players, I don’t know. REKT. He’d be an upgrade. He also might be an upgrade,
even on crutches. Go Braves. I hate to rain on this particular parade, but Juju
got his driver’s license last year. That’s the spirit. Topical and accurate. A
Saints fan weighed in. There’s an idea! Well, there goes that idea. There’s not
much optimism around here these days. Maybe we should just go with an old
standby — thoughts and prayers. And this is always an option. Tune in Thursday
night at 7 p.m. ET on FOX 5 for more ,
and let us know in the comments how you think the Falcons can slow down the
Steelers offense. Update: He’s reportedly finalizing a deal to be Kansas’ next
head coach.Les Miles and LSU are officially divorced after settling the terms of
his buyout. Miles took a lump sum of $1.5 million out of the $6.5 million he was
still owed from the folks in Baton Rouge. His buyout would have been paid
through 2023 if he had stayed under the agreement. It’s no secret that there has
been flirtation between Miles and Kansas AD Jeff Long about the open KU coaching
job. This ostensibly clears the way for Miles to take that job, or perhaps
another elsewhere in the Power 5. But there’s one part of the logic here that
makes this an interesting decision. What LSU athletic director Joe Alleva said
does sort of explain things, but one thing that he said is curious (emphasis
mine). That doesn’t quite square with the fact that Miles tried quite hard to
move onto other jobs during the 2016 coaching cycle, but just failed in
interviews. Miles is trying to maximize his take from LSU while getting back in
the game.He got the most of LSU that he could, and he believes he’ll be paid
again pretty soon by some other school. KU was paying David Beaty on the lowest
end of the Power 5 spectrum, and he still made $1.7 million. Group of 5 schools
might be relatively cash-strapped, but even if Miles is angling for a
Conference-USA, MAC Youth
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, or Sun Belt job, he’d certainly be able
to make more than $1.6 million per year, given his credentials.A former national
champion head coach could perhaps hope to make at least $3 million a year with a
new deal, even at Kansas, which agreed in 2011 to pay Charlie Weis $2.5 million
per year. And if Miles were to stick around in such a gig for four years, he’d
have nearly doubled his dollars over what the buyout would’ve paid him.There’s
another theory here as well:Either way, one could argue LSU probably got a
bargain here too, and not just financially. It saves them some headlines over
the next five years about how they’re still paying him ,
Weis-style. The $1.5 million is a pretty easy check to just get Miles off the
books forever.But Miles’ side of the plan is all contingent on him actually
getting that payday from another school. That’s still an if.Miles was largely
quiet during the 2017 cycle, leaning into some opportunities to market his
personal brand, but he’s clearly ready to get back in the game. At 65 years old,
he doesn’t have a ton of time left to cash in on coaching.
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