Jim Bob Cooter’s ‘aggressive mode’ crucial in Lions’ win over

 Packers Ford Field erupted with boos as the Detroit Lions offense went
three-and-out. It was midway through the fourth quarter and the Lions’ lead over
the Green Bay Packers had shrunken to just 11 points. The tide was shifting and
they were about to give Aaron Rodgers the ball back with plenty of
time http://www.thelionsfootballauthentic.com/t.j.-lang-jersey-authentic ,
due to some very conservative play-calling from offensive coordinator Jim Bob
Cooter. A draw play on second-and-25. Another one on the ensuing third-and-22.
The Lions were bleeding clock, but Rodgers was dicing up the Lions secondary,
and it seemed like a comeback was in the cards.But the Lions were gifted yet
another Mason Crosby missed field goal and subsequent good field position. With
3:34 left on the clock, would the Lions go conservative again and just bleed
clock, or would they play a little aggressive and risky, putting the game out of
reach for good?At first, it looked like they were going the conservative route.
A first down run resulted in the Packers using their first timeout. Stafford
dropped back to pass on second down, but his first read wasn’t there and he slid
down to ensure the clock would run, even though he gave up four yards. Timeout
No. 2 for the Packers.So the Lions faced a conundrum. Third-and-11. Run it, and
you can pretty much ensure no game-changing turnover and force the Packers to
spend their last timeout, but a punt is pretty much guaranteed. Or you could
attempt a pass on a very low-percentage play. Third-and-11 is a tough play for
every offense in the league, and a ton of bad things can happen if it doesn’t
work: an interception, a strip sack, even an incomplete pass would give the
Packers an extra timeout—something they really could use with 3:24 left. But in
a rare moment of aggressiveness, the Lions offense played without fear. Stafford
found Golden Tate on a crosser earning 14 yards, a first down, and the ability
to run the clock down to one minute left, essentially sealing the Lions
victory.So what changed? Why did the Lions get so aggressive? Did Cooter
suddenly have a change of heart or did Matthew Stafford insist to his offensive
coordinator to throw the ball?“I didn’t have to,” Stafford said after the game.
“Jim Bob was in the aggressive mode all afternoon, which was great. We were
talking to each other constantly on the sidelines http://www.thelionsfootballauthentic.com/ricky-wagner-jersey-authentic ,
‘Just stay aggressive, man. Be smart, but stay aggressive.’”While it’s hard to
say Cooter was truly in “aggressive mode” all afternoon, Detroit’s offense did
hold up just long enough to keep the Packers behind. Outside of the Lions’
game-sealing drive, they scored a crucial touchdown as the game moved to the
fourth quarter, pushing the game from 24-14 to 31-14. That score would end up
being the game winner. Cooter has been the source of frustration for many Lions
fans, but he dialed up some aggressive play-calling when it mattered the most.
Knowing that the Lions defense was struggling all game, he made sure the Lions
were going to protect their early lead and add just enough to get to 2-3 at the
bye.2019 NFL Draft Watch: Week 1 (Thursday edition) College football is back!
Well, I guess it already has been because apparently it started last Saturday
and no one told me about it. Anyway, we’ve got some pretty solid matchups on the
slate for Week 1, and to start things off, we’ve got an early conference
showdown between last year’s National Champions (they are in our hearts) and the
UConn Huskies on Thursday night. If you’re not very interested in watching the
Lions’ fourth and final preseason game tonight (If I didn’t have obligations to
write about it, I probably wouldn’t be) then here’s a look at some
draft-eligible prospects that the Lions should keep an eye on, moving forward,
during Thursday night’s games.#21 UCF at UConn | 7:00 p.m. ET on
ESPNU/WatchESPNDT Trysten Hill (UCF) 6-foot-2, 315 pounds | RS JuniorHill is a
big, grown adult boy that looks every bit of his listed 315 pounds. He is
primarily a run stuffer and an anchor in the trenches that is virtually
unmovable even against double teams. Orlando Sentinel / Chris HayesHe doesn’t
appear to be an elite athlete even for his size and definitely could use some
work shedding tackles as a pass rusher, but that’s why he’s likely to go in the
mid-to-later rounds barring any unforeseen changes to his game. Obviously, needs
can change and maybe we won’t have to worry about the run defense, but as of
now http://www.thelionsfootballauthentic.com/christian-jones-jersey-authentic ,
A’Shawn Robinson looks nothing like we’d have hoped entering his third year and
no one else has really stepped up as a run stuffer for the defensive line. QB
McKenzie Milton (UCF) 5-foot-11, 185 pounds | JuniorDespite his stature, Milton
is a baller and ranks 23rd on Pro Football Focus’ top 50 players heading into
this year.Milton can sling it and isn’t the dink-and-dunk type passer that Jake
Rudock is. He’s accurate on all levels of the field, has plenty of arm strength
and has the mobility to tuck and run if need be. If he declares, I think Milton
could slide pretty far due to his size and funky mechanics, but would be a steal
if he makes it past the second or third round. He could be the perfect backup QB
for the Lions, who are looking for someone who can actually throw a football to
back up Matthew Stafford.Northwestern at Purdue | 8:00 p.m. ET on ESPNLB Paddy
Fisher (Northwestern) 6-foot-4, 245 pounds | RS SophomoreFisher looks like your
typical old-school linebacker with his imposing physique and punishing play
style, but his athleticism relative to his size might be what’s most impressive
about him on first watch. As just a redshirt freshman, Fisher quickly became the
heart and soul of the Wildcats defense, accumulating 111 total tackles over the
course of 13 games—good for fourth in the Big Ten conference. He’s also quite
the playmaker, notching four forced fumbles, one interception and having nine of
his tackles go for a loss. Fisher has a knack for getting into the backfield and
has a great feel for the game. He uses his heavy hands to push his way through
the first level and is constantly the first to meet the ball carrier. In
coverage, he shows discipline as a zone defender and rarely is at fault for a
big play, but his lack of reps in man coverage makes it hard for me to give him
a full seal of approval for Patricia’s defense just yet. With Jarrad Davis
continuing to struggle heading into his second year and Matt Patricia’s heavy
usage of linebackers, it’s not out of the picture for the Lions to draft another
linebacker early in next year’s draft, especially one with experience as an
inside backer.
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