The San Francisco 49ers collapsed from up-and-coming

contender into one of the NFL’s worst teams in a matter of weeks. Losing
franchise quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in Week 3 and lead running back Jerick
McKinnon prior to the season has proven too much to bear Authentic
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, as it would for the vast majority of teams
in the NFL. The issues with turnovers, assignments and tackling have only made
the on-field product that much more unbearable.Despite everything working
against them, Kyle Shanahan’s squad can’t afford to lose on Thursday when the
Oakland Raiders make the short trip South to Levi’s Stadium.The 49ers’ second
loss to the 2-6 Arizona Cardinals on Sunday in Glendale, AZ proved a new
low-point in the season — blowing a 12-point lead in the fourth quarter to one
of the NFL’s worst offenses. The last-second botched snap at mid-field to end
any chance at a game-tying field goal was an exclamation point on the harsh
reality that the 49ers have a long way to go before competing.The 49ers’ fanbase
has already set their sights on the 2019 NFL Draft. Understandably so, given the
gaping holes in the roster, most notably at pass rusher. Besides, the only
acceptable consolation prize for a season this disappointing would be the most
coveted trophy among the loser’s bracket — the No. 1 overall pick. How many of
you just said “Nick Bosa” to yourself? Unfortunately, the 1-6 Raiders are also
in contention for the honor of first-overall. Draft position be damned, San
Francisco’s players, coaches and staff cannot afford to lose the Battle of the
Bay.The Raiders are the 49ers with organizational disarray taking the forefront
over injuries. They may be without running back Marshawn Lynch and tackle Donald
Penn, but they’re nowhere near as ravaged as the 49ers, who may even be starting
third-string quarterback Nick Mullens if C.J. Beathard’s wrist injury persists.
Instead ,
the catalyst seems to be embattled head coach Jon Gruden, who began his 10-year,
$100-million tenure with Oakland by drastically altering the landscape of the
organization. He traded away two of the Raiders’ top weapons on both sides of
the ball in defensive end Khalil Mack and receiver Amari Copper.The 1-7 Raiders
under Gruden have found a way to make headlines for the wrong reasons in 2018,
with franchise players like quarterback Derek Carr taking to Twitter to reaffirm
his commitment to the silver and black. Things in Oakland are slowly
deteriorating as the team creeps toward their eventual 2020 move to Las
Vegas.The 49ers may not have earned any real confidence at this point in the
season but it still seems fair to expect them to beat the Raiders on Thursday at
Levi’s Stadium. Failing to overcome an equally struggling team with as much
baggage as the Raiders will cast a new shadow over the 49ers regime of Shanahan
and general manager John Lynch - one that borders on doubt more than pity.
Morale among the 49ers after their Week 8 collapse against the Cardinals, from
the top down, was as low as it should ever be in 2018. This team needs a win,
for the sake of the players, coaches and staff, even if that means sacrificing
valuable draft position in the process. The Bay Area rival Raiders, in front of
the home crowd, under the lights of prime time, are an opportunity the 49ers
can’t afford to let slip away. The elegant tank is alive and well. After the San
Francisco 49ers made the Oakland Raiders look like a team Alabama could
beat White
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, they returned to their ways by blowing
a lead and letting the New York Giants, who only had a single win before Monday
night, win the game. It stings. It’s horrible. I said if the 49ers let Saquon
Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. wake up that they would feel the effects. I
certainly wasn’t wrong. The Giants offense found a way to stay on the field play
after play, allowing time for Eli Manning to forget he’s Eli Manning. The 49ers
would have won if...The defense could finish a game. I guess this goes with if
the refs could keep their penalty flags in their pockets too, but I’ll get to
that. Back to the defense, it found a way time and time again to keep the Giants
offense on the field. If they could simply close a drive and let the offense run
out the clock, they would have had this. Instead, stupid coverages like letting
Ahkello Witherspoon go up against OBJ by himself (what the hell was that about?)
and the once again awful pass rush showed the defense can’t close when it
matters. The 49ers lost because...The officiating was trash. That’s no excuse
for a game, blaming the officials, but there was some awful calls. Flopping is
now in the NFL thanks to that George Kittle PI, OBJ held Sherman’s arm yet
Sherman gets the flag, I can’t say I’m surprised by any of this. The final drive
of the Giants was the worst with third and longs getting converted due to flags
because of the 49ers either being knuckleheads or the NFL wanting to display its
officiating. But the more pathetic thing is how many times the 49ers let
themselves get into those situations. Flag for a first down? Third and
long Youth
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, only to get another flag to start all
over—and this process was how the Giants scored. It was ridiculous and less on
the officiating. It wasn’t one key call, it was several. You aren’t going to win
when you keep committing mistakes, no matter how trivial they may be. Beyond the
officiating, the 49ers lost because the offense couldn’t execute in key moments.
Marquise Goodwin (I hope he’s ok after those vicious head shots) had a ball he
should have caught (I don’t care if it’s a late throw, that’s a ball you catch)
that could have led to sustaining a drive. That said, Nick Mullens didn’t look
awful, he had some mistakes but I’d venture to say he has a better skill set to
run this offense than C.J. Beathard. Still, this game is not near as much on the
offense as it is on the defense.
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