ezTalks: Troubleshooting Online Audio & Video Conferencing

An easy, intuitive user interface gets people joining video calls, controlling the calls, and using collaboration features quickly. You can add a password, so people are required to enter it before they can join the video chat. They use video more readily than older workers, who have been more accustomed to meeting via phone conferences. Enjoy peace of mind with hassle-free deployment, secure connections, and technical support from video deployment experts.|Packetizing the overwhelmingly large amount of raw HD video data in real-time is accomplished with software incorporating high-efficiency algorithms and the use of more powerful computers having high-end video capture and display cards that perform much of the computation that would otherwise be done by the computer's central processing unit (CPU).|Firehouses from station to station count on the high quality, lag-free video of the EVCs for briefings, collaboration and training. It's packed with professional features, including call recording, dial-in numbers (or an option to have GoToMeeting call your number so all you have to do is answer), and let up to 6 people on the call have their video streamed in HD. Attendees can even join from their browser.|Adobe Connect is a conference system with file sharing, whiteboard function and much more. Telecommunications charges for use of equipment @ $30 reimbursable to Media Services. For example, if you don't have any video equipment, such as a webcam, a teleconference done via phone is to your advantage. In these cases, installation and operation of the video equipment is in safe hands.|Before diving in to the details, a quick word regarding video and system memory is in order. No per-user fees, just simple and predictable per-room pricing so you can enable every room and every employee for a fraction of the cost of legacy video conference systems. Whether you were starting out with two video systems or implementing video across the entire organization, TANDBERG had the right solutions to scale with your business demands.|With the Pro version, the numbers bump up to 50 meeting participants, 10 video feeds, unlimited audio with international conference lines, and some customization options. No other free conference calling service offers a download-free video service with fully integrated, free dial-in numbers. A single video conference can set the course for a company, helping it land a new partner or get all of its critical personnel focused on a single objective.

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