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 , humans don?t enter this world on an even playing field.
Even excluding complex socioeconomic issues, inequality lurks in our medical
charts: some of us are genetically predisposed for medical issues such as heart
disease and certain cancers. A study from Harvard?s School of Public health
suggests that our genes even make some of us more likely to be obese*. The
genetic injustice doesn?t stop with homo sapiens. Our canine companions can be
genetically fated for certain disorders as well due to breeding practices. Over
countless generations, dog enthusiasts created the various breeds by selecting
and breeding only dogs that displayed certain desired traits, such as certain
coat colors and face shapes. This selective breeding for appealing qualities
depleted genetic diversity, leaving weaknesses in individual dogs? genetic maps.
For instance, the intense breeding required to produce the Dalmatian?s stunning
spots also brought their genetic predisposition for ailments such as kidney
stones and deafness. Along the same lines, poodles are well loved around the
world for their gorgeous, hypo allergenic fur and intelligence. Unfortunately,
rigorous breeding to satisfy demand for these popular pooches has also made
poodles the breed most predisposed to disease: they have been linked to 145
genetically influenced disorders. Obesity is no exception. In many cases, the
causes of obesity are self evident: as in humans Wholesale NFL
 , when a dog eats too much, and exercises too little, he or
she is likely to become overweight. Additionally, low quality, low protein dog
foods may encourage overeating, as dogs need to eat more to feel satiated. The
majority of canine obesity cases are rooted in these causes. However, certain
dog breeds are more likely to gain excessive weight, for the reasons listed
below. If you?re feeling worried because your adorable puppy?s breed is listed,
take heart: we?ve also listed techniques for preventing weight gain,
or Wholesale
 , if it?s too late for prevention, helping your dog shed
those extra pounds. Chow Hounds: Breeds Likely to Eat Quickly A quick review of
the history of the canine species explains why some dogs practically inhale
their food. Many experts believe that dogs broke off into separate species
15,000 years ago, when certain wolves opted to step into a new human created
niche, living near the easy food supplies of waste dumps. In this circumstance,
it made sense for dogs to eat quickly, so they could ingest as much food as
possible before the appearance of rival dogs or predators. Today, the original
utility of rapid consumption has been replaced with the problems of obesity and
dog bloat. Obesity results when owners often assume that their chow hound is
still hungry, leading to over feeding. Gastric tortion, or dog bloat Cheap Jerseys From
 , is a much more immediately severe disorder in which the dog
sucks up air with their food, causing the stomach to twist in on itself,
blocking exits, even as digestion continues to release more gas. The deep,
narrow chests of breeds such as the Collies and the St. Bernard make them more
likely to suffer dog bloat. Other fast eaters include large breeds such as
Labrador retrievers, Basset Hounds, Rottweilers and any dog that had to worry
about having its food taken away as a puppy. Keep in mind that any breed may eat
too quickly; monitor your dog?s eating habits to determine if he or she is
overeating food. How to Slow your Chow Hound Down ? Set a consistent feeding
schedule, and stick to it. Many vets suggest two daily feedings, in the morning
and evening. Record how much you typically feed your dog each day, and check
with your vet to see if this is an appropriate amount. Avoid giving your dog
table scraps and other people treats. ? Create an obstacle in your dog?s bowl.
Some owners and vets recommend placing a tennis ball or large rock in your dog?s
bowl to slow eating. Other Cheap NFL
 , more aesthetically pleasing solutions, like the DogPause
Bowl, uses the same principal to simply but effectively slow down a dog?s eating
pattern. These bowls have half cup divisions in the bowl that create an obstacle
for your puppy to work around in order to get to its meal. Canine Energy: Breeds
that Need Lots of Exercise Some dogs were specifically bred for work. Shepherds
were bred to run around all day herding sheep, for instance. It?s no surprise,
then, that work dogs like German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Beagles
put on extra weight when they don?t get daily exercise. How to Get Your Four
Legged Friend Back to a Healthy Weight: ? Get out there and play. A half hour of
exercise is a good idea for all dogs, regardless of size. Your dog may need more
some vets recommend that you walk your dog one city block for every ten pounds
of weight. Talk to your vet about the recommended amount of exercise for your
puppy to see if his or her breed may require a little extra time running around
to stay in shape. ~Ben Anton Cheap
 , 2008 Author's Resource Box Want to learn more about
keeping your dog from overeating? Check out the DogPauseBowl website at
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