ezTalks: "Along the way" to speed up the cloud conference overseas layout

ezTalks: "Along the way" to speed up the cloud conference overseas layout

"Along the way" is the national economic development of the Silk Road and the 21st century, the Silk Road, the international strategy of the sea, to policy communication, facilities, Unicom, trade flow, financial intermediation, interpersonal cooperation as the focus. "Along the way," the strategic concept of the proposed, meet the common needs of countries along the line, as the national advantages complement each other, open and open a new window of opportunity, is a new platform for international cooperation.
So, "along the way" on the cloud conference industry brought about what kind of opportunity? As the leading brand of domestic cloud conference, ezTalks that: "in the" one way "strategy implementation process, the infrastructure interoperability, information sharing and economic and trade cooperation and other aspects are inseparable from the support of information, Conference brand to go abroad, to speed up overseas layout provides a favorable environment.Meanwhile, the new market and opportunities for cloud meeting manufacturers have put forward new challenges.

"Along the way" to stimulate the industry potential, cloud conference growth is huge

"Along the way" is China and Silk Road countries to share high-quality production capacity, construction uphold is to discuss, share, build the principle. At present, many in the "one way along the" along the developing countries and regions, there is a large "digital divide", which for China's information services industry has brought tremendous business opportunities.

Although the current cloud conference market has yet to be mature and perfect, the scale is also lagging behind the developed countries, but with the "one way along the" economic belt through, cloud conference as an important area of ??information services, will release great potential, experts predict Will give birth to hundreds of millions of industrial scale.

Take the policy east wind, ezTalks to speed up overseas layout

As a cloud conference leading brand, ezTalks has been paying close attention to national economic policies. At the market level, not only the layout of the domestic market, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an and other cities set up branch offices, but also actively expand overseas business, and constantly improve the infrastructure, the cloud platform coverage extended to the world.

In the product technology level, ezTalks has access to IOS9001 certification and CMMI3 level certification, and overcome the million people of the technical difficulties, to achieve one hundred thousand high-capacity concurrent. Product market two-pronged, ezTalks the international layout of the prepared to do.

"The 'best of all' strategy will bring ezTalks to accelerate the expansion of overseas business, so that our brand is rooted in the world." EzTalks official said.

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